Two Wheels, Big Impact: How a Mum’s Idea Sparked the Eatons Hill Bike Bus Revolution

Eatons Hill Bike Bus
Photo credit: Eatons Hill Bike Bus/Facebook

As the school holidays wind down in Eatons Hill, anticipation builds for an unusual sight that will soon return to the suburban streets. Twice a week, a vibrant procession of bicycles will weave through the neighbourhood, filled with the excited chatter of children heading to class. This isn’t your typical school run – it’s the Eatons Hill Bike Bus, a community initiative that’s set to revolutionise the morning routine for local families when school resumes.

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Founded by Mindy Robinson, a mother of three, the Bike Bus was born from a simple desire: to nurture her sons’ enthusiasm for cycling to school. 

“With a passion for staying active and what seems to be lots of excited local school children wanting to ride to and from school, I decided it was time to cement my status within our community as the ‘Local Bike Bus Lady’,” Robinson quips through her Instagram page.

Photo credit: Eatons Hill Bike Bus/Facebook

Operating on Wednesday and Friday mornings, the Bike Bus follows a set route with three designated stops. But this isn’t just a quiet ride to school – the journey is accompanied by upbeat music, adding an element of fun that keeps the young riders engaged and energised.

Photo credit: Eatons Hill Bike Bus/Facebook

At the helm of this two-wheeled convoy is Jono, the main local volunteer. Accompanied by his twin daughters, Elsie and Ari, Jono leads the group from the front, ensuring safety and setting the pace for the young cyclists.

Safety is paramount in this volunteer-run initiative. The Bike Bus provides a secure environment for children to cycle to school, addressing parents’ concerns about traffic and road safety. It’s not just about getting to school; it’s about fostering independence, promoting physical activity, and building a sense of community.

Photo credit: Eatons Hill Bike Bus/Facebook

The Bike Bus has quickly become a hit with local families. To maintain enthusiasm and encourage good cycling habits, Robinson and her team have introduced several incentives. The ‘Rider of the Week’ award recognizes children who demonstrate responsibility, care, or improvement in their riding skills. Winners receive an award and get to pick a prize from the coveted prize box.

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As the Eatons Hill Bike Bus gains momentum, it’s clear that this initiative is more than just a novel way to get to school. It’s a community-building exercise, a lesson in road safety, and a step towards a more sustainable future. 

Published 11-July-2024