Bray Park Family’s Selfless Efforts Nourish Homeless Community

Nourish Street Bray Park
Photo Credit: GoFundMe

A Bray Park family has been tirelessly volunteering their time and resources to provide daily meals, groceries, camping gear, and essential supplies to over 100 homeless individuals in the Moreton Bay and Pine Rivers area through their initiative called Nourish Street.

Beau Haywood, the driving force behind Nourish Street, has been self-funding this remarkable endeavour for over a month due to a lack of response from government agencies.

His selfless endeavor has been a true family affair. His partner, Jenny Ignacio, has been the backbone of the initiative, spending countless hours in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals like curried sausages and mashed potatoes, potato and egg salad, and her famous “creamy fruit salad.”

Beau’s three sons, Kane, Zion, and Isaac, have also rallied behind their father, lending a helping hand to support those in need.

The Haywood family has been working tirelessly, dedicating up to 16 hours daily to prepare and distribute nourishing meals, fresh bread, filled rolls, camping equipment, dog food, and even musical instruments to those in need.

Community Support

The initiative has garnered overwhelming support from the local community, with individuals and businesses rallying behind Haywood’s cause. Donations have poured in, including groceries, dog food, swags, sleeping bags, and essential items dropped off at the YMCA Op Shop, 130 Old Gympie Road, Strathpine, which serves as a secure drop-off point.

“We couldn’t do what we do without your support. This list would go on forever,” Haywood expressed, acknowledging the generosity of the community.

“The gratitude for all that is given is massive!” he added, highlighting the profound impact of their efforts on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Impact and Gratitude

In a recent update, Haywood shared the staggering scale of their efforts, which in just one week provided 350 meals, 300 cupcakes, countless loaves of bread, dozens of pies, boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, and 60 bags of groceries to 115 individuals. The appreciation from the homeless community has been overwhelming.

While investigating ways to make his charitable role official and seek regular funding, Haywood has been funding these activities from his savings, which has its limits. He is now appealing to the community for support to continue his efforts and help as many people as possible during these challenging economic times.

“If you are interested in jumping aboard our initiative and helping those less fortunate in our community, please contact me,” he urged.

The selfless efforts of the Bray Park family and the overwhelming community support they have received serve as a testament to the power of compassion and unity in uplifting those in need.

Follow their updates on Facebook. Monetary donations may also be course through his GoFundMe page.

Published 23-May-2024