Upgrades Begin for Gympie Arterial Road, Strathpine Road Interchange in Bald Hills

Gympie Arterial Road
Photo Credit: MabelAmber/Pixabay

Commuters along Gympie Arterial Road and Strathpine Road interchange in Bald Hills may expect traffic disruptions for the next two years as workers are now on the site to facilitate the $30 million upgrades.

The project will see through the transformation of the interchange, used by 20,000 motorists a day, which will relieve the congestion, improve travel times, and make the roads safer for the public. 

Per the Department of Transport and Main Roads, among the key features of this infrastructure project are: 

  • The new innovative interchange system allows free flowing turns when exiting and entering Gympie Arterial Road.
  • The interchange eliminates the number of conflicts with opposing traffic on Strathpine Road and reducing traffic signal phases, making the interchange safer and more efficient.
  • A diverging diamond interchange is cost-effective to construct and has lesser impacts on local residents compared to a traditional interchange because it requires a smaller footprint.
  • The Strathpine Road and Gympie Arterial Road diverging diamond interchange will be the second in Queensland, with the Caloundra Road and Bruce Highway (QLD) diverging diamond interchange being the first.
Photo Credit: TMR

‚ÄúDiverging diamond interchanges are an innovative design that have been used with great success internationally, and recently here in Queensland at the Caloundra Road interchange,” Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said. ‚ÄúDiverging diamond interchanges are not only cheaper to construct, but they reduce residential impacts, as they require a smaller footprint compared to a traditional interchange design.”

State Member for Sandgate Stirling Hinchliffe said that these upgrades would benefit Bald Hills residents as it will mean “locals can get home quicker and safer.”

The Gympie Arterial Road and Strathpine Road Interchange upgrades are a joint undertaking funded by the Australian and Queensland governments and are expected to finish in mid-2023. 

For concerns and enquiries about the project, email metropolitanregion@tmr.qld.gov.au or phone (07) 3066 4338 during business hours.