Council Approves Strathpine Centre Major Overhaul for 2020

By the end of 2020, Strathpine locals will be able to enjoy an enhanced dining and entertainment hub as the Strathpine Centre in Gympie Road will undergo a major overhaul at the start of the year.

Moreton Bay Council has given the green light to revitalise the shopping centre after its owner, Swordfish Australian Sub TC, submitted a development application in June 2019. After receiving Council approval, the investment group confirmed that construction work will commence in early 2020.  

Strathpine Centre will have several dining areas, a ground floor tavern, an upgraded cinema, a childcare area, and a potential hotel. The design submitted to the Council also includes additional carparks and pedestrian connectivity at the northwest side by Gympie Road and Learmonth Street. 

Photo Credit: Strathpine Centre

The redevelopment will be undertaken in three stages.

  • The first stage will cover the ground floor eateries and retail stores. Strathpine Centre’s casual dining area will be stylised as an “Eat Street” section that will connect to the cinema and the future hotel. 
  • The second stage will consist of the car park upgrade, as well as the construction of an indoor recreational and play area for kids and adults. 
  • The last stage will be the childcare centre’s construction.

Swordfish Australian Sub TC aims to turn the facility into a high-end shopping and leisure precinct on par with the retail hubs in Queensland’s southeast. 

The news comes as the $75 million Super Retail Group office space with 600 employees across the street to Strathpine Centre is almost complete. 

Proposed Early Learning Centre and Fast Food Restaurant in Albany Creek Now in Decision Phase

Moreton Bay Regional Council approved a development application for a child care centre and a fast food restaurant at Albany Creek Road and 12-16 Keong Road. Consult Planning, a company specializing in town planning consultancy, lodged the development application on behalf of the Smithfield Property Group.

Smithfield is a Brisbane-based firm that specialises in property development, funds management, and development management. They largely focus on niche projects involving suburban retail, residential, and child care projects in Brisbane.

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

The plan includes the subdivision of land into Lot 1 and Lot 2, with an easement for access between the lots. Bennett and Bennett, a company of surveyors and planners, prepared the division. The northern portion of the site is Lot 1 that will accommodate a fast food restaurant, while the southern portion of the site is Lot 2 that will accommodate a child care centre.


  • Lot 1 – 1,446 square metres
  • Lot 2 – 1,202 square metres
  • Easement for access – 243 square metres


Child Care Centre

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

The child care centre will be a part of the “Green Leaves Learning Centres”. Green Leaves is a privately-owned company that provides solutions for early learning centre acquisition, development, and operation. For the record, they already have 11 centres that are now open, 13 centres that will be opening soon, and eight more centres in the pipeline including the Albany Creek site.

Opus Architecture, a firm that services the public, commercial, health, leisure, and education sectors, designed the plans for the centre. The plan seeks a facility with a maximum building height of two to three storeys that is designed to accommodate 109 children.

The centre will also feature three external play areas with acoustic fence surrounding the whole outdoor play area. The car parking spaces will be provided on both ground floor and basement floor. A shared driveway will also be constructed for levels and vehicles access from the site to the Keong and Albany Creek roads.

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Development Details

  • Two storey building below 9 metres in height
  • 781 square metres GFA
  • Three external play areas
  • 32 car park spaces
  • One disabled car park area


Fast Food Restaurant

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

The other part of the development is dedicated to “Hungry Jack’s”, a long-running fast food chain serving generous beef and chicken burgers. It is a franchise of the international Burger King Corporation that started its operation in Australia since 1971.

Kass & Associates, a Philadelphia-based architecture and design firm, designed the plans for Hungry Jack’s. The plans propose a single-storey fast food facility with an 11-car capacity “Drive Thru.”

Car park spaces will be positioned on the ground floor. A new shared driveway will provide vehicle access to the fast food restaurant from Keong and Albany Creek roads, while there will be a pedestrian access from Albany Creek Road.

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Development Details

  • One storey building with a maximum height of 8 metres
  • 223 square metres GFA
  • 1.2 metre high solid fence
  • Landscaping
  • 12 car park spaces
  • 1 disabled car park space

Once completed, Hungry Jack’s will operate 24/7.

Photo credit: Reference No. 2017 / 34041 / V234C, Moreton Bay Regional Council

Check out the application details on the Moreton Bay Regional Council PD Online page.