Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery in Bridgeman Downs Apologises for Burial Blunder

The Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery in Bridgeman Downs has extended its apologies to a Queensland family who has been grieving yet again after discovering that their mum was buried in the wrong plot.

Sonia Jordan, 75, passed away on 21 February 2023 due to an illness and her wish was to be buried with her parents at the Brisbane north cemetery. Her family made the arrangements a month before her death and funeral services were undertaken on 1 March 2023. She is survived by her twin sister and two daughters. 

However, her family was horrified to learn that Ms Jordan’s body was not on the same burial plot as her parents when they returned to the cemetery to arrange for a grave plaque with her name and her parents’ names. 

Brisbane City Council manages the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and admitted through a statement from Cr Vicki Howard that “an error by a private funeral director has resulted in the omission of the correct burial plot number.”  

‘I am extremely sorry this has happened. As soon as I was made aware of this issue, I made sure Council officers resolved this matter in close consultation with the family.’

The deceased’s family will be reimbursed for the burial cost and other associated fees, and Ms Jordan’s body will be exhumed and relocated to the right plot at no cost, which means that the family will “have to grieve twice,” according to her son-in-law. 

Published 20 March 2023

New Bridgeman Downs Homeowners Eligible for 4 Free Native Plants

Did you know that new homeowners in Bridgeman Downs are eligible to get four free native plants to spruce up their gardens?

Bridgeman Downs is one of nine targeted suburbs in North Brisbane whose residents may request the vouchers under the city’s Free Native Plants Program, provided they have just moved into their new dwelling in the current financial year.

Also eligible are new residents of Bracken Ridge, Carseldine, Everton Park, Fitzgibbon, Hendra, McDowall, Nudge and Taigum.

Tenants who apply for the free native plants must provide approval from the owner of the property and ensure that this complies with their tenancy agreement. 

Photo Credit: BCC

Applications for residents may be done two ways. The first option is at council libraries, including pop-up or mobile libraries, the ward office, or the Council Regional Business Centre. If the application is in order, the resident will receive a stamped Free Native Plants voucher that they may be presented at participating retail nurseries. The voucher is good for two native plants.

The second option is to apply at the Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, Chermside West or at the Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre in Karawatha, where they can immediately receive another pair of native plants upon approval.

The range of native plants on offer includes ground covers, tufting plants and grasses, climbers like the Wonga-wonga, shrubs like tea tree or Lillypilly, and shaded trees like the Lemon-scented myrtle. Some plants, however, may not be available for the season but can be replaced with a similar type. 

Camels Seen on Busy Bridgeman Downs Road After Escaping Church

Bridgeman Downs motorists heading to work on the morning of Dec 16 (Friday) witnessed a baffling scene, as actual camels slowly walked past the cars, bringing traffic to a pause along Albany Creek Road.

The camels apparently escaped the Bridgeman Baptist Community Church, where they were part of the nativity scene for the Christmas shows. 

The animals weren’t likely searching for the Three Wise Men nor Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. However, the church posted on Facebook that their “camels got a bit lost on the way to Bethlehem!” 

According to Melanie Fitzgibbon, owner of Camelot Camels, her husband learned that three camels —  Cyrus, Benjamin, and Morgie — were missing when he was supposed to take them for a walk after their morning feeding. 

Upon discovery, the caretaker’s heart sank, but they were soon alerted to the camels’ location near a cemetery a few quarter miles away. It took them about 30 minutes to bring the camels back to their safe place. 

A few hours later, the camels had their lunch and were resting comfortably before their next Christmas show at the church. The trio is still unaware they have become instant celebrities on the news and on social media.