Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery in Bridgeman Downs Apologises for Burial Blunder

Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery
Photo Credit: Google Maps screengrab

The Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery in Bridgeman Downs has extended its apologies to a Queensland family who has been grieving yet again after discovering that their mum was buried in the wrong plot.

Sonia Jordan, 75, passed away on 21 February 2023 due to an illness and her wish was to be buried with her parents at the Brisbane north cemetery. Her family made the arrangements a month before her death and funeral services were undertaken on 1 March 2023. She is survived by her twin sister and two daughters. 

However, her family was horrified to learn that Ms Jordan’s body was not on the same burial plot as her parents when they returned to the cemetery to arrange for a grave plaque with her name and her parents’ names. 

Brisbane City Council manages the Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery and admitted through a statement from Cr Vicki Howard that “an error by a private funeral director has resulted in the omission of the correct burial plot number.”  

‘I am extremely sorry this has happened. As soon as I was made aware of this issue, I made sure Council officers resolved this matter in close consultation with the family.’

The deceased’s family will be reimbursed for the burial cost and other associated fees, and Ms Jordan’s body will be exhumed and relocated to the right plot at no cost, which means that the family will “have to grieve twice,” according to her son-in-law. 

Published 20 March 2023