Bridgeman Downs Resident Bellows at Car Thieves, Sends Them Running

Bridgeman Downs Resident Sends Car Thieves Running After Bellowing at Them

A Bridgeman Downs resident saved a neighbour’s car from thieves when he bellowed at the group and sent them running. The man said that he is fed up with the escalating instances of youth crimes in many areas of Brisbane.

On Wednesday, 18 January 2023, Stephen Lee’s home security let out a perimeter alert that caused him to check live camera footage on his property. He saw two guys approaching his neighbour’s driveway.

He said that he knew at once what they were up to, prompting him to bellow at the intruders that sent them fleeing at about 2 am. There were four men in the car, he said.

He added that his neighbour’s car was almost stolen just two days prior to the incident. Apparently, his neighbour had to stay at home and take care of his kids whilst his wife was in the hospital as she was about to give birth.

The incredible moments were captured on video where he could be heard shouting invectives at the would-be thieves. 

Mr Lee warned that he and the rest of his neighbourhood have had enough and are ready to defend themselves against criminals. Every household, he said, has installed cameras and alarms, and even has baseball bats and immobilisers. 

Also, later that day, Police made an emergency declaration in the town of Tara following reports of gunfire on Smallacombe Street at about 3.30 pm. Three cars were allegedly shot at but no one was injured. 

Two 16-year-olds were each charged with four weapons offences and three counts of willful damage.

These incidents come as two teenagers were charged with murder and attempted murder in December 2022. North Lakes residents Emma Lovell and her husband Lee were stabbed as they were trying to defend their home from the intruders on Boxing Day.

Emma sustained a stab wound in the chest whilst her husband was stabbed in the back. She died at the hospital.

Published 20-January-2023