Students Banned from Albany Creek Woolies Spark Outrage

Albany Creek Woolworths
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Woolworths Albany Creek caused quite a stir when it prohibited high school students from entering the store one Wednesday afternoon, citing concerns over alleged theft and disruptive behaviour.

According to a concerned parent’s account, around 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, 22 May 2024, employees instructed every student from the nearby Albany Creek State High School to leave the premises. 

The parent alleged an employee cited “sick of the theft” as the reason for expelling the teenagers, disregarding whether they had engaged in any misconduct.

The incident ignited a heated debate among community members. Some condemned the supermarket’s actions as discriminatory, arguing it unfairly targeted all students, including well-behaved individuals. Others sympathised with Woolworths, citing recurring issues with disruptive and stealing students that ultimately disrupted the shopping experience.

Albany Creek State High School to Woolworths
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A former student’s parent revealed the longstanding tensions, stating students had been warned for years about being unwelcome at that particular Woolworths location. This sentiment was echoed by other parents who witnessed students stealing, harassing customers, and recklessly riding bikes and scooters within the shopping centre.

In a statement, a Woolworths spokesperson acknowledged the “isolated incident” and confirmed engaging with the local high school to address the underlying issues that prompted such a drastic measure.

As the Albany Creek community grapples with finding a resolution, discussions between parents, the school administration, and Woolworths representatives are expected to continue.

Published 27-May-2024