Story Behind Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek’s Unique Mural

Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek
Photo credit: Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek - Flamingo Drive/Facebook

A mural outside the Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek has made the rounds online after a local resident noticed something about it. Here’s why the children’s work became a subject of discussion on social media.

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In a Reddit thread dedicated to all things Brisbane, one user claimed that the signage outside the Albany Creek daycare centre looked like it’s giving “kind messages” but written like a threat. 

“It’s gold. I’m so glad they went ahead with putting these up regardless,” another Reddit user shared.

Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek
Photo credit: u/Horror_Inevitable751/Reddit

Others went on to say that they like the children’s mural despite its “nice serial killer vibes.”

“They are my fav. I lose it everytime I drive past them,” said one user.

“Me and my wife can’t help but mention this every time we drive past.”

“My kids went there. The steel uprights are there because a car ploughed through that fence. It used to be an ABC. Fortunately they were closed when it happened. A bit morbid but it could have been a project for the kids and kids don’t pull punches when you give them red paint and free artistic license.”

The signages at Goodstart Early Learning, which can be found along Flamingo Drive, was actually part of the daycare centre’s Kindergartens Fence Mural Project, done with the guidance of the teachers and local artist Al from CommunARTy Brisbane.

Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek
Photo credit: Goodstart Early Learning Albany Creek – Flamingo Drive/Facebook

The mural, which reads, ‘We here at Goostart Flamingo Drive have the right to play, be safe’ depicted the children’s ideas about their rights for all the passing cars to appreciate.

Goodstart Early Learning Flamingo Drive is one of the highly rated daycare centres in Albany Creek. Their KindiCare rating is 8.9, which is above the average 7.4 for the area. 

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The daycare centre caters to children as early as six weeks to school age. They use a play based stimulating curriculum which focuses on all areas of development. They also offer extra curriculum incursion classes once a week, which includes activities such as storytime/ nursery rhymes, cooking, football, dancing/ yoga and creative arts.

Published 24-March-2023