Guy Mauger of Albany Creek, Finalist for Westfield Local Hero Award

Guy Mauger, Albany Creek’s Westfield Local Hero

Guy Mauger, former President of the Probus Club of Albany Creek, is one of the finalists for the esteemed Westfield Local Hero Award, for his exceptional commitment to Guide Dogs Australia, a cause that’s become the cornerstone of his purpose-driven life.

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Guy Mauger (left) with wife Wendy Mauger (right)
Photo Credit: Facebook / Wendy Mauger

His noteworthy achievement has not only brought acclaim but also secured a $5,000 grant aimed at supporting the use of therapy dogs in Brisbane Courts. The dogs are used to support and assist children through the challenging process of testifying in court cases. Guy Mauger has been widely lauded for his pivotal role in pioneering this initiative.

Beyond this recognition lies a deeper dedication. Guy and his wife, Wendy, have also created a nurturing haven for Guide Dogs in need.

Their home serves as a sanctuary, caring for brood mothers, stud dogs, convalescing canines, and those recovering from injuries, showcasing a profound commitment to these remarkable animals.

Their volunteer journey is punctuated by heartwarming tales. One centres around Hawke, a stud dog whose daily duty led to a joyful encounter at a breathalyser checkpoint, where officers couldn’t help but smile at his noble purpose.

Another touching story revolves around Evie, a pregnant dog embraced into the Maugers’ care. Their devoted attention culminated in a community spectacle when Evie returned to Bald Hills just before her due date.

The neighbourhood eagerly awaited updates on each puppy’s arrival, celebrated by the Maugers adorning their home with balloons symbolising the joyous birth of new life.

Guy and Wendy Mauger epitomise the unsung heroes quietly weaving transformative threads into Albany Creek’s fabric.

Their altruism, compassion, and unwavering commitment echo beyond accolades, leaving an indelible mark on both animals and the community they serve.

They embody the very essence of volunteerism, an example worthy of emulation.

Published 29-December-2023