A New Era of Interschool Sports: Bray Park SHS Leads the Way

Bray Park SHS
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Bray Park State High School is ushering in a new chapter of interschool sports with the launch of a groundbreaking competition slated for 2024. This initiative will involve six local high schools, including Bray Park, Albany Creek, Ferny Grove, Pine Rivers, Mitchelton, and Everton Park. 

The competition, to be held at Brendale, promises weekly opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition and foster friendships across different schools​​. Additional details about this event will be unveiled at a later date.

Bray Park SHS: A Hub of Sporting Excellence

Amidst this exciting development, Bray Park SHS remains committed to its robust sports program, under the guidance of Principal Peter Turner. The school provides a spectrum of sports activities, ranging from competitive teams to fitness sessions, all aimed at accommodating every student’s interest.

Bray Park SHS
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At the core of Bray Park’s sports agenda is the Future Athlete Specialist Training program. This program offers a balanced approach to academic and sporting aspirations, helping students manage the pressures of both. It incorporates high-performance coaching, best practice training programs, and structured support systems, based on the Long Term Athlete Development framework. This ensures comprehensive development for sport participants of all ages and abilities​​​​.

Inclusive Sports Environment

In line with its inclusive approach, Bray Park SHS offers the Blue Edge program for students less confident in specific sports but eager to explore various activities. Led by School-Based Police Liaison Officer Rohin Power and sponsored by the Blue Light Association, the program blends fitness sessions with social activities, emphasizing overall well-being.

Bray Park SHS
Photo Credit: BrayParkSHS/Facebook

The school’s sports program also thrives on the sense of community it builds. Teachers and coaches, including the likes of Emily Baldry of the Queensland Pirates volleyball team, are deeply invested in the students’ growth, not just as athletes but as individuals. Their dedication goes beyond the field, shaping the students’ discipline, resilience, and social skills.

Facilities and Future Prospects

To support these extensive programs, Bray Park SHS has equipped itself with a new 12-seater bus, funded by grants from Ausbuild and the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund. This strategic move will facilitate the participation of students in various sporting events and competitions.

With the launch of the new interschool sports competition in 2024, Bray Park SHS is setting a precedent for sports excellence in education. Their commitment to fostering athletic skills, building community, and nurturing future talents positions them as a leader in school-based sports programs.

Published 14-Dec-2023