Early Works Begin on Linkfield Road Overpass Project in Bald Hills

Linkfield Road Overpass
Artist’s impression of Linkfield Road Overpass upgrade (Photo credit: tmr.qld.gov.au)

The Linkfield Road Overpass upgrade at Bald Hills is moving forward with momentum, after an allocation of $10 million for its early works.

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This project is a fraction of a broader initiative to enhance the Bruce Highway, with more than $10 billion dedicated to various improvements, including an additional $467 million from the recent Budget. 

Linkfield Road Overpass
Photo credit: tmr.qld.gov.au

Key features of the design include:

  • Upgrade of Linkfield Road to 4 lanes (2 lanes in each direction) between Gympie Road and Lacey Road intersections, and removal of existing Linkfield Road overpass to create a new overpass
  • Increase in the overpass clearance height from 4.7m to 6m
  • Upgrade of northbound and southbound entry ramps, and extension of southbound exit ramp length
  • Signalisation of northbound and southbound ramp intersections
  • New separated pathway for eastbound pedestrians, riders and other users
  • New on road cycle lane for westbound bike riders.

Early Works and Preparations

Photo credit: tmr.qld.gov.au

The newly released $10 million will enable the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to commence onsite activities shortly, including the relocation of approximately 350 metres of existing gas main. This initial phase is crucial for setting the stage for more extensive construction work.

This project is part of a larger commitment to provide $176 million from both the State and national levels. The overall project aims to significantly improve the transportation network in North Brisbane, enhancing connectivity and safety for commuters and freight vehicles.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Bart Mellish emphasised the project’s importance:

“The Linkfield Road Overpass is a critical piece of infrastructure for road users in North Brisbane. TMR has investigated options to reduce traffic congestion at the overpass, improve safety and freight access, and make more provision for active transport. To begin delivering on these benefits, the Queensland Government is releasing $10 million to support the start of early works within the next few months.”

Linkfield Road Overpass
Photo credit: tmr.qld.gov.au

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Future Benefits

Once completed, the Linkfield Road Overpass upgrade will offer numerous benefits, including reduced traffic congestion, enhanced safety, and improved freight access. This project is a testament to the strategic investments being made to support the growing population and economic activity in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

Published 7-June-2024