Substantial Acreage on Bunya Now Preserved as a Koala Habitat

Bunya Road
Photo Credit: Google Maps Screengrab

Did you know that 14.5 hectares of land along Bunya Road have been acquired and secured as a koala habitat? Under the Land Buyback for Environmental Purposes Program, the property will remain intact and untouched by any development to ensure the sustainability of wildlife. 

The acquisition assures that 75 per cent of Moreton Bay Regional Council will be preserved as a green space that will protect species and nurture the natural ecosystem. 

“We know that Moreton Bay’s human population is growing, which is why we’re putting these measures in place now to protect our koalas and other wildlife by maintaining and enhancing the connectivity of our natural assets,” Mayor Peter Flannery said. 

“We have plenty more properties that we’re looking at to help expand our green network further and I can’t wait to celebrate our 100th hectare purchased under the Land Buyback program in the near future.” 

Councillor Matt Constance commended Council’s move to secure the land to make a home for Queensland’s wildlife, particularly in The Hills District. 

“It’s a major drawcard for residents to have that connection to nature and we know locals want to see more protections in place for our wildlife, so I’m glad Council was able to deliver by purchasing this key property in Bunya,” Mr Constance said. 

“Instead of falling into the hands of developers in the future, it will remain a great natural asset to the community and our local wildlife. 

“Council officers will now monitor this land and rehabilitate it if necessary by removing invasive weeds and planting further wildlife habitat to help improve this sanctuary for wildlife.” 

Published 1-May-2023