FlexiSpaces Program Expansion: More Schools in QLD Embrace Tailored Learning Environments

Photo credit: Queensland Government

Pine Rivers State High School in Strathpine and Bracken Ridge State High School have been selected among 34 state schools for the expansion of Queensland’s innovative FlexiSpaces program.

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FlexiSpaces serve as havens within schools, offering specialised support to students encountering difficulties in traditional learning environments. These spaces aim to keep students engaged with their education while fostering a sense of belonging within their school community.

The initiative, backed by a $45 million investment from the state government, targets various student groups, including those regularly absent from school, individuals with learning barriers, and children coping with mental health issues. 

Photo credit: Ana YAH/Google Maps

With the expansion of the program, more schools across Queensland are set to benefit from tailored interventions designed to re-engage students and provide them with the support they need to succeed academically and emotionally.

Photo credit: Bracken Ridge State High School/Google Maps 

Already implemented in 52 state schools, FlexiSpaces reimagine traditional classrooms, incorporating elements such as bean bags, specialist educators, and modular layouts to accommodate diverse learning needs. 

By offering a flexible learning environment, these spaces empower educators to employ innovative teaching methods and provide personalised support to students, ultimately enhancing their educational experience.

Education Minister Di Farmer underscores the importance of early intervention through FlexiSpaces, emphasising the program’s role in nurturing students’ holistic development. 

Photo credit: Queensland Government 

“FlexiSpaces are such a great tool to help schools respond to students who are experiencing challenges in a mainstream educational environment,” she stated.

“Early intervention is so critical, which is why we are trialling FlexiSpaces in primary schools for the first time.

“They allow the students to remain close to their school friends, maintain a regular school routine, continue to be a part of their school community and continue their schooling with an uninterrupted curriculum.

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With ongoing support and resources, primary schools are also set to integrate FlexiSpaces tailored to the needs of younger learners, ensuring continuity in support throughout a student’s educational journey.

Published 8-May-2024