Wooly Makes a Comeback

Cartoon ram creator to showcase Wolly at Albany Creek Square.

Wooly Woolberforce is making a comeback as creator Christine Sturgeon aims to connect children with the wool industry.

Wooly became famous in the 1990s when he starred as a mascot for the National Wool Museum. According to his official background story, Wooly was a lamb who left the outback to go and see the world.

Aboard his own airline, Woolberforce Airlines, Wooly travels the world, doing pretty much everything, from riding motorcycles to scuba-diving to eating ice cream on the beach. Other than that, he’s seen strolling around in his trademark bowler hat, bow tie and boomerang walking stick.

Wooly’s business card carries the introductory description “I am an irresistible, lovable sheep person.” It also has the motivational phrase: “Live the live you have imagined.”

Wooly Re-Launch

With the re-launch of the lovable cartoon character, folks would see Wooly printed t-shirts and merchandise.

Ms Sturgeon will be at the Albany Creek Square shopping mall over the next four weeks. Fans of Wooly can come and get a hold of t-shirts available in different colours. In August, Wooly is coming to the Royal Queensland Exhibition (The Ekka).

Ms Sturgeon announced that there will be another 42 designs coming out soon. There is also a plan to release CD with various Wooly-related songs.