Tesla Owners Explore Bunya Biogas: A Unique Alternative Energy Initiative in Brisbane

Bunya Biogas
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Tesla owners from the Queensland sector of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia recently explored an innovative approach to alternative energy: tip mining. This unique visit took them to the Bunya Biogas to Renewable Power Project, shedding light on a lesser-known form of sustainable energy generation.

Tip mining, or landfill gas capture, aims to harness methane emissions from landfill sites across Australia. These sites, often located in regional areas without emission control systems, are rich sources of harmful methane. The goal is to reduce emissions and generate electricity profitably by capturing and destroying methane.

LGI (Landfill Gas Industries) is at the forefront of this green initiative. As explained by Katrina Nelson, LGI’s Business Development Manager, their mission is to save the planet one landfill at a time. 

The Tesla owners learned about LGI’s innovative methods during their visit to Bunya in early September 2023. 

Tesla Megapack Integration

LGI’s Bunya Biogas site is set to incorporate a Tesla Megapack, providing rapid response to market needs. The battery responds to price fluctuations in the National Electricity Market, optimizing power generation based on pricing.

Despite landfill sites’ unpleasant odour, the Tesla owners showed keen interest in LGI’s work. LGI’s biogas management systems effectively capture and convert harmful methane into renewable power, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Bunya site, LGI also employs modular equipment housed in shipping containers for scalability. This modular approach allows LGI to easily adjust capacity as needed.

Bunya Biogas
Photo Credit: Laurence Walsh/Google Maps

ASX Listing Boosts Expansion

LGI is now listed on the ASX, the Australian Securities Exchange, providing the capital needed to expand their projects, per Matthew Tap, LGI’s project manager. This listing reflects confidence in LGI’s business plan and its potential to help local government authorities generate income from landfill sites.

Mr Tap highlighted several ongoing projects, including the expansion of the Canberra Mugga Lane Facility and a new site in Nowra, New South Wales. LGI is continually assessing gas generation rates, network connections, and investment optimization.

Toowoomba’s LGI project stands out as it powers the Wetalla Water Reclamation Facility. LGI’s innovation involved drilling under a railway line to connect the landfill gas pipeline to the water treatment plant, significantly reducing grid dependence.

Whilst there are currently no plans for EV chargers at the Bunya site, LGI is open to the idea as more councils electrify their vehicle fleets. These initiatives aim to increase the availability of renewable energy in the grid.

LGI’s pipeline of projects in collaboration with local governments promises emissions reduction, cost savings, and income streams for communities. The Tesla owners’ visit underscores the potential of alternative energy sources beyond the conventional solar and wind options. Alternative energy is truly beneficial for all.

Published 27-Sept-2023