Quinbrook to Initiate Construction of Biggest Battery Energy Storage Systems in Brendale

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners
Photo Credit: Website/ Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, a leader in advancing the energy transition, is starting the construction of a 250 MW/2 hr Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) at their Brendale site.

This project, named the “Supernode,” is set to become one of the largest BESS installations in the state, significantly enhancing renewable energy storage capacity.

The $2.5 billion “Supernode” project’s first stage includes the integration of a renewable energy and battery storage-powered data centre facility. Origin Energy has already committed to purchasing the full capacity of stage one, solidifying its role in bolstering Queensland’s renewable energy portfolio.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ StevenMiles

The strategic location of the “Supernode” project near the South Pine electricity substation provides a significant advantage for the 2,000-megawatt BESS. This prime positioning ensures optimal access to power supplies and enhances energy security for Queenslanders.

Premier Steven Miles expressed his enthusiasm for the construction of the Battery Energy Storage Systems.

“The construction of stage one here in Brendale is more evidence that business believes in our vision. Renewable energy generation and storage like this will power us towards our 70% renewable energy targets,” he said.

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Co-Founder David Scaysbrook emphasised the importance of the project in decarbonising power systems.

“The successful close of Supernode stage one is significant for Queensland as it delivers valuable large-scale storage at the best possible location in the state‚Äôs power grid.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/ CityOfMoretonBay

Mayor Peter Flannery of Moreton Bay City Council echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the economic benefits and enhanced energy security that the project will bring to Queenslanders.

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, known for its focus on driving the energy transition, continues to play a key role in advancing renewable energy infrastructure both locally and globally. With projects underway in the UK, US, and Australia, Quinbrook is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

Published Date 18-April-2024