Queensland’s Pink Tide: Record $1.78 Million Raised for Breast Cancer

Pink Tide breast cancer fun run
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Did you know that the “Pink Tide” of the International Women’s Day Fun Run in Queensland raised $1.78 million for breast cancer, with a record number of participants in Brisbane and more online? Notable among the participants was Dr Rebecca Langdon of Strathpine, who honoured her friend’s memory through her inflatable breast costume.

This historic event, now in its 33rd year, witnessed a record turnout of 23,000 participants in Brisbane, alongside 3,500 people joining virtually from various Queensland communities, including Bowen, Bundaberg, and the Sunshine Coast.

Spearheaded by the Foundation Mater Group and presented by Queensland X-Ray, this year’s event saw people of all ages running, jogging, and walking through Brisbane CBD. Townsville contributed significantly with more than 750 participants at Cluden Park racecourse, echoing the event’s widespread appeal.

Andrew Thomas, Chief Executive of Mater Foundation, lauded the unprecedented community support. 

“This year’s turnout has not only been the largest in the event’s storied history but also a testament to Queenslanders’ commitment to combating breast cancer,” Thomas stated.

This year’s fun run was particularly poignant, with Dr Rebecca Langdon participating in memory of her friend Tara Simmons. Dr Langdon, known for her distinctive inflatable breast costume, has become a symbol of hope and awareness at the annual event.

Women's Day Fun Run
Photo Credit: Supplied

With Mater hospitals treating one in every four Queensland women diagnosed with breast cancer, the funds raised are crucial. They will support life-saving medical research, procure state-of-the-art equipment, and enhance patient care services.

Health Minister Shannon Fentiman announced a $15,000 donation from the Queensland Government, underscoring the collective effort in the fight against this disease.

Donations remain open, with the organisers encouraging those who wish to contribute to the cause to visit www.womensdayfunrun.com.au.

Published 13-Mar-2024