Get the chance to experience ice cream flavours inspired by Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ at Baskin Robbins in Albany Creek Village.

If you’re a fan of the popular ‘80s-inspired Netflix series Stranger Things, you are in for a treat as unique flavours from the show’s very own Scoops Ahoy Parlour with an exclusive limited edition Stranger Things menu are now available at Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins
Photo credit: BaskinRobbins Cookieman AlbanyCreek/ Facebook

Get to customise your own ice cream cone or cup with both classic flavours from Baskin Robbins as well as new flavours straight from the show. Flavours include Love Potion 31, Hokey Pokey, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Mousse Royale, and Cookies and Cream.

Here are some of the limited edition items being offered:

Eleven’s Waffle Sandwich – Two freshly baked waffle cone chips that are dipped in chocolate with a generous amount of ice cream inside.

Waffle Sandwich
Photo credit: BaskinRobbins Cookieman AlbanyCreek/ Facebook

Upside Down Sundae – As the name suggests, this ice cream is served upside down with your choice of chocolate or caramel topping hidden underneath layers of the belgian waffle, chocolate brownie or cookie dough chunks. It is also topped off with your favourite ice cream scoop and an upside down sugar cone.

Photo credit: BaskinRobbins Cookieman AlbanyCreek/ Facebook

Eleven’s Heaven – A waffle ice cream laced with chocolate dipped waffle pieces, and chocolate icing ribbon.

Eleven's Heaven
Photo credit: BaskinRobbins Cookieman AlbanyCreek/ Facebook

The Shadow Cone – A freshly baked charcoal cone dipped in chocolate and cloaked in blood-red sprinkles to top off your favourite scoop.

The Mind Flayer Macaron – A Love Potion 31 Ice cream sandwiched between two crisp charcoal macarons, rolled in blood-red and black sprinkles and red chocolate crispies.

Photo credit: BaskinRobbins Cookieman AlbanyCreek/ Facebook

The Demogorgon Sundae – Your favourite limited edition scoop in a Stranger Things themed cup, topped with a delectable chocolate monster head.

Interested to know more? Visit Baskin Robbins for more details and updates about their latest offerings.

Stranger Things at Baskin Robbins is available for a limited time only. So you better head over to Baskin Robbins located inside Albany Creek Village to get your favourite limited edition Stranger Things scoop.