Great Family Day Out In Bald Hills – Get Rid of the Cane Toad of the Waterways

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Photo Credit: 2 Bent Rods

Ditch the gadgets and the internet one weekend this November and bring your kids to the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition for a family day out in Bald Hills. This outdoor event hosted by 2 Bent Rods and the Brisbane City Council is guaranteed to be both fun and educational as participants help get rid of the cane toad of the waterways.

Happening on Sunday, the 10th of November from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition enjoins participants to reduce the number of tilapia and other pest fish.

Pest fishing event Queensland
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This event is perfect for children to engage in nature and environment activities so that they can learn valuable life skills and understand the importance of sustaining local biodiversity.

The Canterbury Park event is one of several pest fishing events hosted by 2 Bent Rods across Queensland. During their last event in Harold Keilly Park, 387 tilapia with a total weight of 96.278 kg were caught within 4 hours.

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The number of participants depends on the site. For the Canterbury Park event, up to 300 participants can join. Usually, about 60-70% of the participants are kids under 10 years of age.

Cane Toad of the Waterways

The main fish caught at the pest fishing events are Mozambique Tilapia, also known as the cane toad of the waterways.

Originally an aquarium fish that was unfortunately released into local waterways, tilapia are mouth brooders and unlike native fish, their survival rate is quite high. Tilapia can survive in many different water conditions, even those with poor quality. They also compete with native fish for food.

Mozambique Tilapia, aka, cane toad of the waterways. (Photo: Supplied)

Once caught, the tilapia are euthanised humanely. They must also be disposed of immediately either by burying them above the high tide mark or by putting them in the bin.

Any native fish that are caught are released unharmed.

The Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition is a chance for the kids as well as the adults to:

  • Educate themselves and raise awareness of pest species in the local waterways to help prevent an infestation
  • Become involved in the community and meet interesting people who share a common goal
  • Give back and help the waterways replenish its native fish. 
Photo Credit: 2 Bent Rods/Facebook

“These types of events are a lot of fun for the kids while also educating the community as well as the entrants,” said Sam Beckmann of 2 Bent Rods. 

“Tilapia is prevalent in many of our waterways and people need to be made aware of the best practices for dealing with them. That’s where events like the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition comes in.”

Prizes to be Won

Apart from learning how to spot and remove invasive pest fish in Bald Hills, heaps of prizes will be given away to the participants whether they catch one or not. Prizes are courtesy of Alvey Reels Australia, Jarvis Walker, Daiwa Australia, Fishing Monthly Magazines, Jones Tackle and Hookeze.

During the event, two people will be going home with Freak Sports Australia kayaks. 

“Kids always learn more when they are having fun. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs with kids being split into two age categories plus an adult category. Councillor Sandy Landers will be there to award the prizes,” Beckmann said. 

Cold drinks, tea, coffee and BBQ will be available for purchase at the Bald Hills park. 

Register your intent to join the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition online