Albany Creek Grandma Sews Face Masks, Donates Profits To Beloved Parish

All Saints Parish face mask
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Albany Creek nursing home resident Betty Scott didn’t plan on having a gainful venture when she started sewing face masks at the height of the coronavirus lockdown. But stuck inside the home care with her husband, Pat, Betty’s daughter encouraged her to sew colourful face masks for selling.

Initially, the mother and daughter sold one or two face masks at a time. But as orders kept pouring in, Betty and her daughter were selling face masks to Melbourne and even as far away as England. 

Eventually, the pair sold more than enough that they were able to donate $400 to the Albany Creek All Saints’ Parish

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Betty is a regular at the church and is no stranger to fundraising. This year, however, she couldn’t visit the parish as much as she wanted and there have been no fundraisers due to COVID-19. 

The grandmother said that she will keep sewing masks for as long as her daughter provides the materials so she could still raise money for the church. It’s her way of giving back to the community, amidst this challenging period.

Betty said that she still feels fortunate to be able to hear mass at the All Saints Parish via television twice a week, as well as receive the Holy Communion at the nursing home.