Couple Reunited With Cat They Lost in Murrumba Downs 10 Years Ago

Murrumba Downs Simba the Cat
Photo Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

A former Murrumba Downs local received the most surprising news of her life when someone from RSPCA Dakabin called to inform her that they found Simba, her cat who slipped out of their house and disappeared 10 years ago!

Back then, Kaitlin Thrupp lived in Murrumba Downs with her partner Shaun and two-year-old Simba, when he escaped their home. The local RSPCA helped Kaitlin and Shaun track Simba down as he was microchipped. They also distributed flyers and knocked on neighbours’ doors. 

A few years later, the couple then moved to Narangba 15 minutes away but Kaitlin never lost any hope of finding Simba. She would usually drive to Murrumba Downs in case she spots the cat on the streets. Kaitlin also kept the microchip records updated as local rescue groups have been monitoring the ginger cat as well.  

In December 2021, Kaitlin finally got the unexpected call from RSPCA Dakabin informing the family that they picked up their orange cat as a stray and scanned for a microchip.   

The Thrupps do not have any idea where Simba has been for the last 10 years but he definitely remembered his family. He came over to them and did his usual greeting when  Kaitlin arched her hands so he could bump his head. 

Kaitlin said that she has been a big advocate for microchipping since it became a legal requirement for pet owners in Brisbane. Her reunion with Simba reiterates just how important this is for families with pets.  

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