Bald Hills Link to Stafford Road and Alderley Station Proposed in $6.5 Billion Plan

Photo Credit: TravellerQLD/Wikimedia Commons

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Council of Mayors has lodged a proposal to link Bald Hills to Stafford Road and Alderley Rail Station. The planned infrastructure improvement is part of a $6.5 billion project for the North West Transport Corridor (NWTC).

The NWTC currently flows through Gympie Road and the Strathpine Station to the north and the  Bridgeman Downs, McDowall and Everton Park from the south to connect to Shand Street in Alderley and the Alderley Station. The proposal is aimed at reducing the gridlock commuters from northern and western Brisbane experience every day.  

Photo Credit: Council Of Mayors South East Queensland

Based on the SEQ People Mass Movement Study, the NWTC improvement is part of 28 proposed infrastructure projects for the region, which should be carried out from 2019 to 2031. In total, however, the Council of Mayors have 47 infrastructure projects in the pipeline until 2041 with estimated spending of almost $63 billion.

“Forty-seven major projects are prioritised in the SEQ People Mass Movement Study for delivery over the next 23 years,” Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk told the press. “This total investment rate achieves the vision of 45-minute regional connectivity and 30-minute smart cities,” he added.

Queensland is expected to grow its population by 30 per cent in 2031, the study further cited. Thus, the region must prepare to support transport demands to maintain its global competitiveness and sustainability, as well as provide a high-quality way of life for its residents.