Albany Creek’s Ella Giammichele Dances Her Way to World Championship

She first learned Irish dancing at the age of five. At 13 years of age, Ella Giammichele of Albany Creek is representing the country in the 2017 World Irish Dancing Championships.

Ella is joining some 5,000 participants from around the globe, including dancers from the United States, England, Scotland, Europe, the UAE, Japan and Russia.

Dream Come True

It is a dream come true for Ella to represent the country and compete against the best in Irish dancing from all over the world.

At her young age, Ella, who attends school at Mt Maria College in Mitchelton, has already made several achievements in Irish dancing. Last year, she came third at the Queensland State Irish Championships and placed ninth at the Australian Irish Dancing Championships.

Irish dancing is a huge part of Ella’s life as it helped her overcome shyness when she was younger. Her aunt and dance instructor Clare Michelsen took Ella under her tutelage. That allowed her to become better in her craft.

To enhance her skills, Ella practises around 90 minutes four days a week after school and spends four hours every Saturday.

Ella will be coming on April 11. The competition runs from April 9 to 16 and features competitors 8 to 30 years old. They will perform and compete in different categories including solo performances, choreographed team dance, dance drama, and ceili, which is a type of Celtic square dance.