Water Pollution in Sandy Creek Under Investigation After Albany Creek Residents Voice Concerns

The Moreton Bay Regional Council is investigating reports of water contamination and pollution in Sandy Creek found at the Cuthbert Park in Albany Creek.

Residents have raised their concerns after discovering that Sandy Creek’s water turned into a creamy colour and seemed to be filled with soap suds.

According to reports, Bob Barkley saw that Sandy Creek’s water was still quite clear on Tuesday, the 16th of April 2019. The following day, however, he found the water murky and almost white, and suspected that someone dumped contaminants in a storm drain that flowed through the creek.

Mr Barclay said that this was not the first time he saw that the colour of the creek changed thus he’s demanding the Council to take quick action. He said that he has seen the water turn white, bright red, or filled with cooking fat.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Other Albany Creek locals also cited that they no longer see turtles and small schools of fish swimming in Sandy Creek. Some residents also relayed that there was an incident after a man was seen dumping oil into the creek from his vehicle.

A spokesperson for the Council said that inspectors were on Sandy Creek last Thursday to verify the reported contamination and did find the water’s opaque condition. Inspectors also discovered that part of the creek had an obstruction and clogging that affected the flow of water under Old Northern Road.

The Council will reportedly further investigate the source of the contamination, as well as layout plans to unclog the creek.