Free “Come & Try” Synchro Swimming at Albany Creek Pool

It’s the kids’ chance to channel their inner mermaid at Albany Creek Leisure Centre as Neptunes Synchronized Swimming Club presents a free Come & Try Synchro session on Saturday 26 January 2019.

The session is ideal for boys and girls from 7 years to 17 years of age. Participants should be comfortable in the water and can swim unaided for 25 metres to 50 metres, whether using freestyle or another stroke.

The club welcomes new members throughout the year and the come and try session is a perfect opportunity to see if a kid has the potential for the sport.

Event Details:

What: Come N Try Synchro
When: Saturday 26 January 2016
Where: Albany Creek Leisure Centre,
Corner Explorer Drive and Old Northern Road, Albany Creek
Cost: FREE
Bookings: Bookings Essential
Email to book.

Neptunes Synchro Come and Try

Can’t make it to the free Come & Try session? No need to worry as Neptures holds come and try days throughout the year. The club also takes bookings for trial sessions.

For enquiries, email to register your interest in a Come & Try Synchro session. The club will offer the next available day and time for a trial session.

About Neptunes

Neptunes Synchronized Swimming Club, based at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre in Albany Creek, has been welcoming swimmers into what’s been regarded as one of the most enjoyable water activities available.

Synchro is a fun and unique aquatic activity that combines swimming, dance and gymnastics. Through the sport, children can develop grace, strength and endurance. The discipline and skills that the kids develop throughout training are sure to aid them in other aspects of life.

The club’s Albany Creek home base welcomes swimmers from the vicinity and Brisbane’s northern suburbs. As part of its expansion, it also now offers synchro lessons at Dunlop Park Memorial Pool in Corinda for the western suburbs.

Visit Neptunes’ website for more details.


Synchronised Swimming Open Day at Albany Creek Leisure Centre

Learn the basics of synchronised swimming at Albany Creek Leisure Centre this Saturday, 1 September 2018.

Neptunes Synchronized Swimming Club‘s Open Day welcomes new members aged seven years and above. The program is open for those who are able to swim unaided for 25 to 50 metres in freestyle and another stroke. If your child is comfortable in the water, you can join the club’s Come and Try Day on Saturday or book for trial sessions.

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Neptunes Synchro has been teaching synchronised swimming at Albany Creek Leisure Centre for over 18 years and still swimming strong. The club has an exceptional experience in training young girls to become experienced swimmers. They are also popular for being a close, friendly group consisting mostly of parents who love to watch the kids develop their skills in a supportive team.

Albany Creek Leisure Centre
Photo credit: Neptunes Synchro/Facebook

Synchronised swimming is an excellent way to stay fit, learn motor skills, and develop an artistic flair. Aside from the Open Day, the club will be having a Basic Figures competition on Sunday, 16 September 2018 at Albany Creek Leisure Centre.

If you’re interested to join the come and try session, simply email Melissa at Participants are asked to bring/wear togs, sunshirt, towel, cap, goggles, water bottle and wear sunblock.

Albany Creek Leisure Centre
Photo credit: Neptunes Synchro/Facebook

The Neptunes Synchronized Swimming Club also offers synchronised swimming sessions at the Dunlop Park Memorial Pool at Corinda and welcome swimmers from nearby suburbs.

Visit the club’s official website or visit their Facebook page to learn more.