Fritzenberger Albany Creek Launches Its Mushroom Kiev Burger

Burger lovers and foodies have a new staple to try at Fritzenberger Albany Creek beginning the 14th of Oct 2020 as the store launches its Mushroom Kiev Burger.

A catering staple in Soviet cities in the ’90s, the Kiev burger’s cornerstone is its garlic butter flavouring. Fritzenberger Albany Creek‘s Mushroom Kiev Burger is prepared with house-made garlic and parsley butter, which enhances the taste of the grass-fed beef patty covered in panko crumbs.  

Completing this ensemble are the burger’s Swiss cheese-filled portobello mushroom, American mustard and aioli. 

Photo Credit: Supplied

Burgers are best enjoyed with beer and Fritzenberger brews small batches of unique-tasting drinks for your drinking pleasure. Occasionally, the store offers limited editions from international breweries. So, before you head to the store, you can check what’s on the tap in real-time up via their website.

Fritzenberger recently celebrated its one year anniversary at the corner of Albany Creek Road and Ferguson Street. The restaurant reopened in July after 129 days of lockdown due to the pandemic.