Million-Dollar Ticket Bought from Lawnton Shop, Winner Still Unknown

A ticket holder in Moreton Bay has won a life-changing million-dollar windfall from lucky ticket bought in Lawnton, but the question on everyone’s minds is — does he know it? Somewhere in Lawnton, someone is carrying around a golden ticket worth a staggering seven-figure fortune and has not claimed it yet.

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Officials are now urging all recent game players in the area to carefully check their numbers, because one unsuspecting resident or visitor has just become a millionaire. 

The winning ticket was recently purchased at the Spar Lawnton shop on Gympie Road in Lawnton. However, the golden entry was not registered with a player loyalty account, meaning officials have no direct way to inform the ticket holder of their amazing luck. 

Ticket holder
Photo credit: Spar Lawnton/Google Maps

Kashyap and Chetna Patel, who just took over ownership of Spar Lawnton last month, received the shocking call about selling the fortunate ticket drawn Wednesday, 20 December 2023.

“We will be celebrating this momentous moment in our outlet with balloons and streamers, as well as encouraging customers to check their Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto tickets,” said the new owners of the outlet.

Anna Hobdell, spokesperson for The Lott, eagerly hopes to meet the region’s newest million-dollar winner. She said it’s very possible the latest person to win does not realise they are now a millionaire from last week’s draw. She strongly advised everyone who bought tickets at the Spar Lawnton store to quickly check their numbers. 

Since 2016, some $18 million in Division One and major lottery prize money has been left unclaimed by 20 winners. Records show that seven of these winners are from Queensland and NSW; two are from WA and ACT; and one each from Victoria and SA.

Hobdell let people know all they need to do is visit the lottery’s website, use their phone app, or go to a store to see if they won. She said she cannot wait for the unaware winner to find out and claim their life-changing prize money.

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The winning numbers were 14, 7, 20, 34, 41 and 23, whilst the supplementary numbers were 42 and 26.

So far this year, the astonishing amount of 397 million-dollar jackpots have been awarded through the game – 102 of those going to lucky Golden Casket players. Now the thrilling hunt continues for Moreton Bay’s newest millionaire to uncover their golden ticket and claim the $1 million destiny awaiting them.  

Published 26-December-2023