Meet The Wonderful Volunteer Behind the Beautiful Transformation of Mahaca Park

Mahaca Park was once a tired outdoor space, until Rosemary Leiss, a beloved Albany Creek community member, gave it some TLC and transformed it into a beautiful, relaxing park. Get to know Ms Leiss and learn how her commitment towards the park all started.

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In 2015, Ms Leiss’ club, the Albany Creek Garden Club teamed up with the local council to develop a memorial garden for the late estate agent Peter Campbell. Mr Campbell founded the first real estate agency in Albany Creek, when his family business opened in 1970.

Ms Leiss decorated the area using her own exotic cuttings and the native plants she got from Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Ms Leiss leads a group of women who volunteer their time keeping the park looking beautiful. Two of her friends from her pottery group spend time tending the garden, along with two workers from Council.

Photo credit: Councillor Cath Tonks/Facebook

Together, they maintain Mahaca Park, which is located at the corner of Keong Road and Albany Creek Road, next to a childcare centre.

As much as the good experiences, like receiving praises for her work, there are also the unpleasant ones. There were instances when people would disregard her hard work, destroy the plants and even sometimes, steal them. But Ms Leiss stays committed to her passion for gardening.

Photo credit: Councillor Cath Tonks/Facebook

Recently, she has been planning on painting a mural on a wall beside her garden. She’s also looking at turning another local reserve into a wildlife paradise. 

Because of her outstanding contribution to Mahaca Park, Ms Leiss has received the Everton Volunteer Recognition Award presented by Tim Mander MP in November 2022. 

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Ms Leiss welcomes anyone who would like to get involved and volunteer their time at Mahaca Park.