Supporting War on Food Waste: New Edible Exchange Site Opens in Eatons Hill

A community-run food swap initiative, Edible Exchange has recently been launched in Eatons Hill. The project, which also has a street library and composting hub, aims to promote camaraderie, food security, and environment protection. 

Edible Exchange Eatons Hill is an idea that was hatched last year but only started to pique the interest of locals by the second quarter of this year. The site is located on a section of land owned by Katie Irwin and her husband Tom. Their current Facebook page membership has grown to about 1,200 since it was created in May 2022.

Edible Exchange Eatons Hill allows community members to drop off their excess home-grown produce or homemade products at the swap site in exchange for another fruit or vegetable or other things that they need such as seedlings and plants, jars, containers, baskets, bread, jams, and marmalade without spending money. There is also a composting hub and a street library at the site.

The initiative works on an honesty system, meaning, participants only take what they need. Members, however, are encouraged to upload photos of what they share or swap to their social media page.

The concept of food swapping has existed for many years now. Several recurring food swapping events are being held across Australia where locals meet and get to share/trade food and other items, recycle materials, and share tips and advice.

However, COVID lockdowns have contributed to its growing popularity recently. Edible Exchange, for one, has been duplicated in several locations in South East Queensland over the past years. 

The Dayboro site, for example, has been thriving since it was launched in 2016. Managed by Corinne Parnell, the site so far has more than a thousand active members. Other Edible Exchange sites include Eagle Heights, Karana Downs, and Samford with more locations coming soon.

Check out Edible Exchange on ‘Chicken Lane’ in Eatons Hill. For details on the exact location, you’ll need to ask a local.