Three Weeks More to Enjoy Discount Vouchers from Skateaway Albany Creek

If you haven’t heard, Skateaway Albany Creek has been giving discount vouchers since the 9th of December 2017 and will continue to do so until the 21st of January 2018. The skating place will also continue giving away a free family pass at every session over the holidays.

To get the discount vouchers, be sure to like their Facebook page and download the vouchers from there.

The fully supervised family skate centre will also recommence its Learn to Skate and Blade Class on the 6th of January 2018. The class lasts for an hour and coaches teach participants basic and important skating skills. The session includes the Skateaway Star Class Program which involves regular testing and giving of feedbacks to the skaters.

Meanwhile, there have been no schedules yet for their Artistic Skating Training for 2018. These sessions are being conducted alternately by 10 coaches from Tuesday to Saturday. All students under this class are automatic members of the Skateaway’s Artistic Club who usually compete in local, national, and international competitions. This training involves two parts. The first is finishing the Learn to Skate and Blade Class and the second is progressing through the Artistic Development Class. After finishing both levels, students can then advance to private tuition. For more information on this, please contact Head Coach Jodie Johnson-Garufo here.

Skateaway conducts Artistic (figure) skating classes for skaters of all ages and levels!
Credit: Skateaway Albany Creek Facebook Page

Other classes being offered at the Skateaway Albany Creek are figure skating, dance skating, free skating, and precision skating.

Figure skating is a technique where skaters make circles on the floor while performing set turns at intervals.

Dance Skating can be taught for pairs or for individuals skaters. Output may vary from performing set steps or performing a dance to a chosen rhythm.

Freeskating involves various jumps and spins performed to the music chosen by the skater. This can also be taught in pair where performances may involve lifts and throws.

Precision skating involves a team of six to eight skaters or 12 to 24 skaters, completing manoeuvres to music of their choice.

Skateaway Albany Creek is located at Upstairs Charter Hall, Albany Creek Square, 700 Albany Creek Road