Domino’s Albany Creek Holds 2nd-Best Delivery Record; Guess Who’s First?

Did you know that Domino’s Albany Creek once held the record for the fastest delivery time among all other stores in Australia? Located inside the Woolworths Marketplace on Old Northern Road, this outlet achieved to deliver a customer’s order in just six minutes and 40 seconds. 

But on the 5th of Aug 2019, an outlet 8.6 kilometres away succeeded in beating  Albany Creek’s time to set a new record. Domino’s Ferny Grove delivered an order faster at five minutes and 27 seconds! 

“I’d like to congratulate Domino’s Ferny Grove for setting a new Australian record for fast food – delivering freshly-made pizzas to customers’ houses within an average of 5 minutes 27 seconds last week,” Don Meij, the Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited said in a video post following the record-breaking achievement. 

“This record shows that restriction no longer applies to Domino’s, with impeccable product quality and service upheld. I can’t wait to see more stores embrace this challenge, push the boundaries of what’s possible and follow in their footsteps.”

Photo Credit: Domino’s Australia/Facebook

On average, there are 24 Domino’s stores among 800 across Australia with the best delivery time between 12 to 22 minutes. Joining Ferny Grove and Albany Creek in Queensland’s Top Three is Domino’s Gaythorne. 

Speedy delivery, aside, however, the largest and most popular pizza chain in Australia maintains that they make sure that the quality of their products is not compromised. 

“We believe in ‘slow where it matters, fast where it counts’, which means taking the time to make each pizza carefully and to be careful on the roads,” Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight said. 

Albany Creek and Ferny Crove’s recent achievements have surpassed the company’s Project 3-10 goals. Established in 2016, this initiative encourages stores to have customers’ takeaway ready in three minutes or delivered to their house within 10 minutes. 

“The core idea behind the philosophy is to ensure that staff are slow in taking the time to make the pizza correctly, spending time with the customers and providing excellent service but fast in the improved hustle and service times and streamline operational procedures to crunch seconds off the clock, made possible due to Domino’s time crunching technology developments.”