Renovations Proposed to Enhance Patron Experience at Bonny View Hotel

The popular Bonny View Hotel on Gympie Road in Bald Hills could soon be getting a facelift and expansion. 

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Queensland Venue Co Pty Ltd has submitted plans to give the historic pub a major upgrade. The proposed renovations would expand the total footprint of the 1935-era hotel from 1,389 sqm to 1,729 sqm. 

Artist’s impression of expanded beer garden (Photo credit: Red Design Group)

The plans, which were designed by architecture firm Red Design Group, call for demolishing some interior sections to make way for a new outdoor bistro dining patio and children’s playground. The outdoor beer garden adjoining the hotel would also be enlarged by 431 sqm.

Photo credit: Red Design Group

According to the development application, the upgrades are intended to “enhance the mix of outdoor and indoor spaces available to patrons.” New tropical landscaping, trees and patio furnishings would also help soften and improve the aesthetics of the built structures.

Proposed site plan (Photo credit: Red Design Group)

“The proposal involves establishing a beer garden extension at the north-east section of the site. The proposed extension ensures a high-quality landscaping design, with planting incorporated within the beer garden and hardstand areas to soften the built form, screen the development from car parking, and encourage a sub-tropical setting for patrons,” planners at Urbis stated.

When completed, parking availability would go from 54 marked spaces currently to 69 spaces, plus an extra 15 informal gravel overflow parking spots.

Photo credit: Red Design Group

Council planners estimate the renovated facilities would generate an additional 55 car trips during peak hours. The development application states the design will also “provide for a high level of streetscape activation and overlooking of the street frontage.”

The Bonny View Hotel first opened in 1935 and has been a popular community venue for generations of residents North of Brisbane. 

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If approved, these major upgrades would help position the hotel to meet the needs of 21st century patrons whilst retaining its historic character.’

Published 13-February-2024