Works Commence on New Speed Limit Zones at Two Albany Creek Schools

Did you know that Albany Hills State School and Albany Creek State High School are set to receive a major safety boost, as works commence to install a new 40 km/hr speed limit zone outside the two schools?

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The new 40km/hr school zone will cover a 770-metre stretch, extending from just north of Jinker Track to just south of Folkstone Avenue. It will feature active flashing lights to alert drivers to the lower speed limit.

School speed limit zones are put in place to slow down traffic near schools during the hours when students are arriving and leaving. These zones are marked by signage that indicates the reduced speed limit and the specific time periods it is in effect.

Photo credit: Google Street View

The decision reflects the close physical proximity of the two educational institutions and underscores the perceived need for enhanced security measures in the shared vicinity.

This reduced speed limit zone will be in effect during peak school hours, operating from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on school days.  

As schools reopen for Term 2, motorists must exercise vigilance and caution when driving through school zones, being mindful of the reduced speed limits intended to create a safer environment for students, and obeying all parking and loading restrictions in these areas.

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To stay updated on school zone speed limits and further information on how speed limits are set, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ website.

Published 11-April-2024

Detailed Design Underway for Proposed Strathpine Road and Gympie Arterial Road Diverging Diamond Interchange at Bald Hills

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is already undertaking the detailed design of the proposed Strathpine Road and Gympie Arterial Road interchange at Bald Hills.

The project will transform the interchange that connects Strathpine Road with Hoyland Street into a diverging diamond interchange that will ease traffic congestion, improve travel times, and address safety concerns.

“The benefit of this kind of interchange is that right-turning traffic does not have to give way to opposing traffic and decreases the number of traffic lights required, making the intersection both safer and more efficient,” TMR said.

“Additionally, a diverging diamond interchange is usually cheaper to construct and has less impact on local residents compared to a traditional interchange because it requires a smaller footprint.

TMR will set aside $2 million to fund the detailed design of the project. Funding for the construction, on the other hand, will depend on the funding allocation and will compete with other priority statewide government projects.

The Strathpine Road / Gympie Road diverging diamond interchange will be Queensland’s second, after Caloundra Road / Bruce Highway (QLD) diverging diamond interchange which is currently under construction.

The diverging diamond interchange may not be familiar to Australian drivers but it will be very easy to navigate, according to TMR.

“A diverging diamond interchange is an innovative method of traffic management through intersections, used with great success internationally in the United States, to increase traffic efficiency and safety for all road users.

“…TMR will engage with the local community and road users to help drivers understand how to navigate the intersection,” TMR said.

Government Invests $1.1 Million to Make Albany Creek Intersection Safer

Addressing the road safety concerns in Albany Creek, the Government has granted a $1.1 million upgrade to the Old Northern Road intersection with Explorer Drive as part of the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP).

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said that this commitment to fund the project is the government’s response to community concerns regarding safety at the busy intersection.

Old Northern Rd – Explorer Dr Intersection Google Street View

Traffic signals, which include a fully controlled right-turn movement from Explorer Drive onto Old Northern Road, will be installed at the intersection to enhance safety and improve the traffic flow.

The design and construction contract of the project was awarded to WSP. Whilst the detailed design for the project is not ready yet, it aims to focus on resolving the increasing number of crashes at the intersection.

Google Street View of Old Northern Rd – Explorer Dr Intersection

Road users may notice road workers and construction vehicles on site as surveying works, as well as geotechnical and pavement investigations, commence for use in creating the design plans.

The final design is expected to be released in a few months. Construction is set to follow as soon as possible.

This project falls under the Department of Transport and Main Road’s Targeted Road Safety Program which aims to improve road safety by implementing cost-effective solutions to prevent crashes and road incidents.