Comiskey Distillery Opens New Distillery at Eatons Hill Hotel

The Comiskey Group expands its Harry Brown bottle shop with the launch of Comiskey Distillery, now taking space at Eatons Hill Hotel. 

Comiskey Distillery officially opened on 25 November 2022 at the iconic hotel where they distil vodka, gin, rum, bourbon and their signature spirit “Comiskey Whiskey” produced from its 1,000-litre copper still, alongside Master Distiller, Colleen Walters. Mr Walters is a highly regarded “Flavoursmith” and has a professional history spanning more than 12 years in the fine food and distillery industries.

The Harry Brown bottle shop underwent renovations as part of the new venture which includes 300 authentic barrels, antique trucks, exposed brick, and copper displays among other improvements at the site.

The distillery will also be open to the public, offering spirit and cocktail classes. Here, workshop participants can craft their very own 500ml bottle of gin, brewed from a mini traditional Alembic copper still, with over 100 botanicals to choose from, as guided by expert craft smiths.

Directors Rob, Paul & David Comiskey with Master Distiller, Colleen Walters | Photo Credit: Comiskey Group /
Directors Rob, Paul & David Comiskey with Master Distiller, Colleen Walters | Photo Credit: Comiskey Group /

Comiskey Distillery will also serve as a training centre for the Comiskey Group staff. Director David Comiskey said that the distillery will be a hands-on training venue for the staff working across the group’s portfolio of bars, bringing Comiskey Group’s offering and service to the next level.

“This really is a passion project of ours, something my dad, brother and I have talked about for a long time. Having owned pubs and bottle shops for many years, it feels like a natural progression for us. We’ve been actively working on this project for over a year and are very much looking forward to seeing the concept come to life” says Director Rob Comiskey.

Next year, customers will also be able to order spirits at any of Comiskey Distillery’s locations including Eatons Hill Hotel, Beachmere Hotel, Samford Hotel and Sandstone Point Hotel, as well as bottle shops. Then later, online ordering through their website will also be available.

The spirits will be bottled with a signature label design that celebrates the Comiskey family’s history in construction. So, expect to see each bottle signed by patriarch Paul Comiskey as a stamp of approval on every batch.