Eatons Hill Hotel Hosting 6th Annual Brisbane Beer Fest

The annual Brisbane Beer Fest at Eatons Hill Hotel is now on its sixth year. The beer festival will be held on Saturday, 23rd February 2019, at 11AM.

With more than 130 beers and ciders available, the event promises to be the largest beer festival in Queensland. There will be a variety of international food trucks to challenge your taste buds, besides live entertainment to set the mood for the full day of booze and food.

Also, team events like the inflatable beer obstacle course, keg-stacking comp and life-sized game of foosball add to the high spirits.

The annual Beer Fest On The Grass has definitely come a long way since its first year.

2018 beer fest on the grass
2018 Brisbane Beer Fest
(Photo credit: Brisbane Beer Fest/Facebook)
2015 Brisbane Beer Fest
2015 Brisbane Beer Fest
(Photo credit: Brisbane Beer Fest/Facebook)
2014 Brisbane Beer Fest
1st Brisbane Beer Fest in 2014
(Photo credit: Brisbane Beer Fest/Facebook)
Fun Games at Beer Fest
Fun games at beer festival
(Photo credit: Brisbane Beer Fest/Facebook)

Beer was introduced to Australia when the British first colonised the continent. Since then, beer drinking has become an Aussie favorite. Pretty much any occasion from a good day (or a bad day) at work to a funeral, a birth or even going to bed is reason enough to have some beer.

Foamy beer
Photo credit: Brisbane Beer Fest/Facebook

Beer festivals contribute to the constant improvement of the brew as beer makers vie for coveted awards.

But more than that, beer festivals simply spell fun for every ale lover.

So gather your mates and join a day’s celebration of beer at the 6th Annual Brisbane Beer Fest.