New Neighbourhood Plan Adopted for Bridgeman Downs

Residents have welcomed the finalisation of the new Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan after years of consultation.

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The new neighbourhood plan, which will guide future development in the suburb, was adopted on 13 June 2023 and became part of the Brisbane City Plan on 1 September 2023. 

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The Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan establishes a framework to coordinate infrastructure planning and guide growth and development in the suburb. Key elements of the plan include:

Protecting the environment and greenspace

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The Bridgeman Downs community has advocated for conserving natural habitats, enhancing waterway health, and growing the suburb’s urban forest.

The new neighbourhood plan aims to address these goals. It requires development to protect and enhance native flora and fauna corridors along Albany Creek, Cabbage Tree Creek, South Pine River and other waterways. The plan also calls for identifying and preserving significant landscape trees and providing a mix of lot sizes to retain backyard habitats.

Specifically, the plan mandates protecting ecological corridors between Cabbage Tree Creek and Albany Creek south of Albany Creek Road. New developments must safeguard and connect the area’s diverse habitats and tree canopy. With the community’s environmental priorities in mind, the Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan establishes policies to maintain the suburb’s green spaces and natural assets.

Residential neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood Plan
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The Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan aligns with residents’ wishes to maintain the suburb’s acreage areas and limit higher density housing.

The plan states that dwelling houses should be established on acreage and suburban lots in keeping with the area’s low density character. It prohibits multiple dwellings in low density residential zones, restricting townhouses and apartments.

Infrastructure and services

Neighbourhood Plan
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The neighbourhood plan outlines new open spaces, parks and community facilities to meet the needs of Bridgeman Downs residents. This aligns with feedback from the community calling for improved open space and park networks in the area.

The plan proposes establishing new parks and open spaces in accessible, safe locations that connect to walking and cycling paths. Residents have advocated for multi-functional open space corridors to link parks and community hubs. 

The planned facilities aim to provide more recreational options whilst fostering greater connectivity through the suburb.

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Visit Brisbane City Council’s website to learn more about the new Bridgeman Downs Neighbourhood Plan.

Published 8-September-2023