Bray Park Family’s Selfless Efforts Nourish Homeless Community

A Bray Park family has been tirelessly volunteering their time and resources to provide daily meals, groceries, camping gear, and essential supplies to over 100 homeless individuals in the Moreton Bay and Pine Rivers area through their initiative called Nourish Street.

Beau Haywood, the driving force behind Nourish Street, has been self-funding this remarkable endeavour for over a month due to a lack of response from government agencies.

His selfless endeavor has been a true family affair. His partner, Jenny Ignacio, has been the backbone of the initiative, spending countless hours in the kitchen, preparing delicious meals like curried sausages and mashed potatoes, potato and egg salad, and her famous “creamy fruit salad.”

Beau’s three sons, Kane, Zion, and Isaac, have also rallied behind their father, lending a helping hand to support those in need.

The Haywood family has been working tirelessly, dedicating up to 16 hours daily to prepare and distribute nourishing meals, fresh bread, filled rolls, camping equipment, dog food, and even musical instruments to those in need.

Community Support

The initiative has garnered overwhelming support from the local community, with individuals and businesses rallying behind Haywood’s cause. Donations have poured in, including groceries, dog food, swags, sleeping bags, and essential items dropped off at the YMCA Op Shop, 130 Old Gympie Road, Strathpine, which serves as a secure drop-off point.

“We couldn’t do what we do without your support. This list would go on forever,” Haywood expressed, acknowledging the generosity of the community.

“The gratitude for all that is given is massive!” he added, highlighting the profound impact of their efforts on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Impact and Gratitude

In a recent update, Haywood shared the staggering scale of their efforts, which in just one week provided 350 meals, 300 cupcakes, countless loaves of bread, dozens of pies, boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, and 60 bags of groceries to 115 individuals. The appreciation from the homeless community has been overwhelming.

While investigating ways to make his charitable role official and seek regular funding, Haywood has been funding these activities from his savings, which has its limits. He is now appealing to the community for support to continue his efforts and help as many people as possible during these challenging economic times.

“If you are interested in jumping aboard our initiative and helping those less fortunate in our community, please contact me,” he urged.

The selfless efforts of the Bray Park family and the overwhelming community support they have received serve as a testament to the power of compassion and unity in uplifting those in need.

Follow their updates on Facebook. Monetary donations may also be course through his GoFundMe page.

Published 23-May-2024

Disaster Assistance Now Open for Bray Park Residents Impacted by Recent Flooding

Impacted Bray Park residents can now apply for much-needed disaster assistance in the wake of severe flooding from ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily.

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Support has begun rolling out from state and federal governments, with eligible individuals able to access Personal Hardship Assistance grants. The funding will help cover essential costs like food, clothing, and medicine as the community works to recover from the flood inundation.

Bray Park was inundated with heavy rainfall that flooded numerous homes and businesses. The area received the brunt of the severe weather linked to the cyclone, despite being located nearly 1,500 km from where Kirrily initially made landfall.

Photo credit: Nikki Boyd MP/Facebook  

Additional support is available through the joint Commonwealth-Queensland Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. This includes help to make homes safe and habitable again and to restore essential services like electricity.

Moreton Bay Regional Council can also access the funding for reconstructing damaged public infrastructure such as roads and bridges. The council is receiving assistance for cleanup efforts like removing fallen trees and debris.

Photo credit: Nikki Boyd MP/Facebook

The activation of the disaster assistance will help Bray Park begin to recover from the latest flooding, not o mention that the area was still reeling from terrible flooding in 2022. Officials acknowledged this event was an unwelcome blow, but praised the inspirational community response. All levels of government have committed to providing necessary support to residents during this difficult time.

Minister responsible for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Nikki Boyd said this latest flooding is a bitter blow for many Bray Park residents who have only just finished cleaning up following the terrible floods of 2022.

“Being woken at 3:00 a.m. with water rushing through your house is an extremely traumatic experience, especially given the events of a mere two years ago,” said Ms Boyd.

“The community’s response, however, has been nothing short of inspirational, and the activation of Personal Hardship Assistance will help those hurting right now.”

Those eligible for the Personal Hardship Assistance grants can now apply through or by calling the Queensland Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349.

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Published 1-February-2024 

A New Era of Interschool Sports: Bray Park SHS Leads the Way

Bray Park State High School is ushering in a new chapter of interschool sports with the launch of a groundbreaking competition slated for 2024. This initiative will involve six local high schools, including Bray Park, Albany Creek, Ferny Grove, Pine Rivers, Mitchelton, and Everton Park. 

The competition, to be held at Brendale, promises weekly opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition and foster friendships across different schools​​. Additional details about this event will be unveiled at a later date.

Bray Park SHS: A Hub of Sporting Excellence

Amidst this exciting development, Bray Park SHS remains committed to its robust sports program, under the guidance of Principal Peter Turner. The school provides a spectrum of sports activities, ranging from competitive teams to fitness sessions, all aimed at accommodating every student’s interest.

Bray Park SHS
Photo Credit: BrayParkSHS/Facebook

At the core of Bray Park’s sports agenda is the Future Athlete Specialist Training program. This program offers a balanced approach to academic and sporting aspirations, helping students manage the pressures of both. It incorporates high-performance coaching, best practice training programs, and structured support systems, based on the Long Term Athlete Development framework. This ensures comprehensive development for sport participants of all ages and abilities​​​​.

Inclusive Sports Environment

In line with its inclusive approach, Bray Park SHS offers the Blue Edge program for students less confident in specific sports but eager to explore various activities. Led by School-Based Police Liaison Officer Rohin Power and sponsored by the Blue Light Association, the program blends fitness sessions with social activities, emphasizing overall well-being.

Bray Park SHS
Photo Credit: BrayParkSHS/Facebook

The school’s sports program also thrives on the sense of community it builds. Teachers and coaches, including the likes of Emily Baldry of the Queensland Pirates volleyball team, are deeply invested in the students’ growth, not just as athletes but as individuals. Their dedication goes beyond the field, shaping the students’ discipline, resilience, and social skills.

Facilities and Future Prospects

To support these extensive programs, Bray Park SHS has equipped itself with a new 12-seater bus, funded by grants from Ausbuild and the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund. This strategic move will facilitate the participation of students in various sporting events and competitions.

With the launch of the new interschool sports competition in 2024, Bray Park SHS is setting a precedent for sports excellence in education. Their commitment to fostering athletic skills, building community, and nurturing future talents positions them as a leader in school-based sports programs.

Published 14-Dec-2023

New Look! Club Pine Rivers in Bray Park Undergoes Upgrades

Club Pine Rivers in Bray Park, named QLD’s best bowls club at the Keno and Clubs Queensland 2022 Awards for Excellence, is undergoing some upgrades and will soon unveil its new look.

The makeover project is expected to transform and extend the gaming area with a multi-purpose bowling site, incorporating modern gaming machines, garden views, LED lights, and outdoor seating with modern decking.

The purpose-built structure, constructed in a 20-ft container, will also include benches, beer taps, and coffee facilities. Rebecca Barker, Club Pine Rivers‘ marketing coordinator, said that the extension is intended to provide more space and comfort for the club members and their visitors. 

Club Pine Rivers extension
Photo Credit: ClubPineRivers/Facebook
Photo Credit: ClubPineRivers/Facebook

During the lockdowns, the operators heeded the wishes of the members to make alternations to the gaming area and remodel the coffee shop next to it. 

Photo Credit: ClubPineRivers/Facebook
Club Pine Rivers New Cafe
Photo Credit: ClubPineRivers/Facebook

Club Pine Rivers was originally the Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club, established in 1948 along Gympie Road in Strathpine. For over 30 years, this club had a small but dedicated membership but as the population in North Brisbane grew, the club moved to Bray Park in the 1980s.

The membership increased with more families setting their roots in Bray Park. Around this time, building extensions were undertaken to support the needs of the club, which has hosted national and international bowling competitions. 

On its 70th birthday in 2018, the club had 450 full members, 60,000 social members, and a staff of 100 people. It has maintained its reputation as one of the best in the region.   

Club Pine Rivers expects the upgrades to be completed before its target opening date on 1 July.

Bray Park Local Makes Up For Forgetting Partner’s Birthday With a $100-k Gift

The day wasn’t turning out so well for a Bray Park local who forgot his partner’s birthday. Things changed after a quick visit to the Kensington Village Shopping Centre led to an unexpected windfall that turned out to be her best birthday gift ever.

The woman said that her partner was feeling bad because he thought her birthday was the next day. To make up for it, he gave her a card with money to buy herself whatever she wanted. He also threw in a few scratchies he bought from the Kensington Village Newsagency. 

“He said he wanted me to spoil myself, and then hopefully, I would have a win so I could spoil myself even more,” the woman said.

After scratching the tickets, the couple thought that they hit it big with $750 but later realised that it might have been $10,000. They held on to the paper and double-checked the next day. 

“That’s when my partner told me it was a $100,000 win. I just kept saying, ‘No, I don’t believe you! No, truly?’ I went into shock after that.”

Having never won anything in her life, the woman had to check and re-check so many times. 

“This turned out to be better than expected! He’s no longer in the bad books! I don’t know how I am going to top this gift when it’s his birthday.”

The pair plan to put the money to good use after celebrating with a nice dinner. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Kensington Village Newsagency owner Paul Draw congratulated the Bray Park couple. Their win also comes after another customer bought an Instant Scratch-Its ticket and won $10,000. 

“Big congratulations to the winning couple. We wish them all the very best and hope they can really enjoy their prize,” Mr Draw said.