Renovations Proposed to Enhance Patron Experience at Bonny View Hotel

The popular Bonny View Hotel on Gympie Road in Bald Hills could soon be getting a facelift and expansion. 

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Queensland Venue Co Pty Ltd has submitted plans to give the historic pub a major upgrade. The proposed renovations would expand the total footprint of the 1935-era hotel from 1,389 sqm to 1,729 sqm. 

Artist’s impression of expanded beer garden (Photo credit: Red Design Group)

The plans, which were designed by architecture firm Red Design Group, call for demolishing some interior sections to make way for a new outdoor bistro dining patio and children’s playground. The outdoor beer garden adjoining the hotel would also be enlarged by 431 sqm.

Photo credit: Red Design Group

According to the development application, the upgrades are intended to “enhance the mix of outdoor and indoor spaces available to patrons.” New tropical landscaping, trees and patio furnishings would also help soften and improve the aesthetics of the built structures.

Proposed site plan (Photo credit: Red Design Group)

“The proposal involves establishing a beer garden extension at the north-east section of the site. The proposed extension ensures a high-quality landscaping design, with planting incorporated within the beer garden and hardstand areas to soften the built form, screen the development from car parking, and encourage a sub-tropical setting for patrons,” planners at Urbis stated.

When completed, parking availability would go from 54 marked spaces currently to 69 spaces, plus an extra 15 informal gravel overflow parking spots.

Photo credit: Red Design Group

Council planners estimate the renovated facilities would generate an additional 55 car trips during peak hours. The development application states the design will also “provide for a high level of streetscape activation and overlooking of the street frontage.”

The Bonny View Hotel first opened in 1935 and has been a popular community venue for generations of residents North of Brisbane. 

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If approved, these major upgrades would help position the hotel to meet the needs of 21st century patrons whilst retaining its historic character.’

Published 13-February-2024

Albany Creek High School Students Raise Funds for Homeless Youth Accommodation Program

Albany Creek State High School students have raised funds in support of Carinity Orana’s Sponsor a Bed program to help homeless young people get their lives back on track.

The Sponsor a Bed program provides crisis accommodation for five residents, for an average of six months, at Carinity Orana in Bald Hills for people aged 16 to 21 years who are at the risk of homelessness. 

Ainsley Gilbert and Nadia de Gong, members of Albany Creek State High School Student Representative Council, spearheaded the fundraiser in late 2022. They organised a Christmas-themed free dress day and asked for a $2 donation from the students. By the end of the day, they managed to raise $500. 

“The support was amazing; we didn’t expect the event to be so large and for so many of our junior school students to participate,” Nadia said.

“We were looking for a charity to support and we saw how Carinity Orana provides for people who are less fortunate, and helps those who are in dire circumstances,” Ainsley said.

“I personally thought for us teenagers who may know young people who need some help sometimes, Carinity is a very helpful organisation to have in our community and to support.”

Carinity Orana Program Manager, Dave McNair, thanked the school students for their generosity in supporting important local community service.

Carinity Orana
Photo Credit: Supplied

“Many of the young people referred to our service lack the basic items they need to live such as clothing, uniforms, toiletries, linen and access to transport – things we often take for granted. Our service relies on generous donors for support,” Dave said.

Dave said Carinity Orana, established in 1981, helps young people to “transition to independence and a brighter future.”

Youth workers assist young people to access education, training, employment, counselling services, recreational activities, new social networks, and permanent accommodation.

“Young people will often come to Carinity Orana in crisis and we help them to become stable and start to help them to move forward in their lives,” Dave said.

“We walk alongside young people, identifying their unique strengths and resources, and presenting options and choices so they can make informed choices in their life.”

If you wish to sponsor a bed at Carinity Orana visit this online page or phone (07) 3550 3737. 

Published 4-April-2023

Upgrades Begin for Gympie Arterial Road, Strathpine Road Interchange in Bald Hills

Commuters along Gympie Arterial Road and Strathpine Road interchange in Bald Hills may expect traffic disruptions for the next two years as workers are now on the site to facilitate the $30 million upgrades.

The project will see through the transformation of the interchange, used by 20,000 motorists a day, which will relieve the congestion, improve travel times, and make the roads safer for the public. 

Per the Department of Transport and Main Roads, among the key features of this infrastructure project are: 

  • The new innovative interchange system allows free flowing turns when exiting and entering Gympie Arterial Road.
  • The interchange eliminates the number of conflicts with opposing traffic on Strathpine Road and reducing traffic signal phases, making the interchange safer and more efficient.
  • A diverging diamond interchange is cost-effective to construct and has lesser impacts on local residents compared to a traditional interchange because it requires a smaller footprint.
  • The Strathpine Road and Gympie Arterial Road diverging diamond interchange will be the second in Queensland, with the Caloundra Road and Bruce Highway (QLD) diverging diamond interchange being the first.
Photo Credit: TMR

“Diverging diamond interchanges are an innovative design that have been used with great success internationally, and recently here in Queensland at the Caloundra Road interchange,” Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said. “Diverging diamond interchanges are not only cheaper to construct, but they reduce residential impacts, as they require a smaller footprint compared to a traditional interchange design.”

State Member for Sandgate Stirling Hinchliffe said that these upgrades would benefit Bald Hills residents as it will mean “locals can get home quicker and safer.”

The Gympie Arterial Road and Strathpine Road Interchange upgrades are a joint undertaking funded by the Australian and Queensland governments and are expected to finish in mid-2023. 

For concerns and enquiries about the project, email or phone (07) 3066 4338 during business hours.

The Sistahood: New Eco-Friendly Online Store in Bald Hills

The Sistahood, an Australian-based online store founded by two Bald Hills women, delivers a variety of eco-friendly products to customers all across the country. The store was created to support local businesses and inspire other people to use eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Nella and Shelley founded the all-women company in October 2020, after a series of sisterly chats.

Among the company’s core beliefs is self-care and good health for the body, mind, and soul. As The Sistahood grows, the Bald Hills duo also supports various initiatives and organisations, such as a foundation that supports Women’s Health. 

Nella and Shelley, founders of The Sistahood
Photo credit: The Sistahood

One of the products available at their online store is tea from the local brand Life of Cha. The tea comes in six different variants: the herbal Heal, Crystal and Zzz teas, and the caffeinated Balance, Spiced and Le Grey teas. Each tea variant provides various health benefits, is calorie-free, and full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

Photo credit: The Sistahood

Another popular product is Seagull Milk, a locally-produced and family-owned sunscreen created for users with particularly sensitive skin types such as those with eczema or psoriasis. The sunscreen itself is a scented, non-slip, non-greasy Mineral formulation suitable for people of all ages. Part of the proceeds for each tube of Seagull Milk is donated to Take3, an advocacy group against ocean plastic pollution. 

Photo credit: Youtube/Seagull Milk

The Sistahood is currently having a special sale of their travel mugs. Customers can buy two mugs and receive the third at 50% off at checkout. Among their mugs is the ChaBottle from Life of Cha, a portable tea bottle with a built-in, 2-in-1 infuser and double-wall glass insulation. The ChaBottle is made from eco-friendly materials like borosilicate glass and bamboo. 

Photo credit: The Sistahood

For more information on The Sistahood and their products, visit their website. Follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on special deals, dates, and other important announcements.

Great Family Day Out In Bald Hills – Get Rid of the Cane Toad of the Waterways

Ditch the gadgets and the internet one weekend this November and bring your kids to the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition for a family day out in Bald Hills. This outdoor event hosted by 2 Bent Rods and the Brisbane City Council is guaranteed to be both fun and educational as participants help get rid of the cane toad of the waterways.

Happening on Sunday, the 10th of November from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition enjoins participants to reduce the number of tilapia and other pest fish.

Pest fishing event Queensland
Photo: Supplied

This event is perfect for children to engage in nature and environment activities so that they can learn valuable life skills and understand the importance of sustaining local biodiversity.

The Canterbury Park event is one of several pest fishing events hosted by 2 Bent Rods across Queensland. During their last event in Harold Keilly Park, 387 tilapia with a total weight of 96.278 kg were caught within 4 hours.

Photo: Supplied

The number of participants depends on the site. For the Canterbury Park event, up to 300 participants can join. Usually, about 60-70% of the participants are kids under 10 years of age.

Cane Toad of the Waterways

The main fish caught at the pest fishing events are Mozambique Tilapia, also known as the cane toad of the waterways.

Originally an aquarium fish that was unfortunately released into local waterways, tilapia are mouth brooders and unlike native fish, their survival rate is quite high. Tilapia can survive in many different water conditions, even those with poor quality. They also compete with native fish for food.

Mozambique Tilapia, aka, cane toad of the waterways. (Photo: Supplied)

Once caught, the tilapia are euthanised humanely. They must also be disposed of immediately either by burying them above the high tide mark or by putting them in the bin.

Any native fish that are caught are released unharmed.

The Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition is a chance for the kids as well as the adults to:

  • Educate themselves and raise awareness of pest species in the local waterways to help prevent an infestation
  • Become involved in the community and meet interesting people who share a common goal
  • Give back and help the waterways replenish its native fish. 
Photo Credit: 2 Bent Rods/Facebook

“These types of events are a lot of fun for the kids while also educating the community as well as the entrants,” said Sam Beckmann of 2 Bent Rods. 

“Tilapia is prevalent in many of our waterways and people need to be made aware of the best practices for dealing with them. That’s where events like the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition comes in.”

Prizes to be Won

Apart from learning how to spot and remove invasive pest fish in Bald Hills, heaps of prizes will be given away to the participants whether they catch one or not. Prizes are courtesy of Alvey Reels Australia, Jarvis Walker, Daiwa Australia, Fishing Monthly Magazines, Jones Tackle and Hookeze.

During the event, two people will be going home with Freak Sports Australia kayaks. 

“Kids always learn more when they are having fun. There will be plenty of prizes up for grabs with kids being split into two age categories plus an adult category. Councillor Sandy Landers will be there to award the prizes,” Beckmann said. 

Cold drinks, tea, coffee and BBQ will be available for purchase at the Bald Hills park. 

Register your intent to join the Canterbury Park Family Pest Fishing Competition online

Bald Hills Link to Stafford Road and Alderley Station Proposed in $6.5 Billion Plan

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Council of Mayors has lodged a proposal to link Bald Hills to Stafford Road and Alderley Rail Station. The planned infrastructure improvement is part of a $6.5 billion project for the North West Transport Corridor (NWTC).

The NWTC currently flows through Gympie Road and the Strathpine Station to the north and the  Bridgeman Downs, McDowall and Everton Park from the south to connect to Shand Street in Alderley and the Alderley Station. The proposal is aimed at reducing the gridlock commuters from northern and western Brisbane experience every day.  

Photo Credit: Council Of Mayors South East Queensland

Based on the SEQ People Mass Movement Study, the NWTC improvement is part of 28 proposed infrastructure projects for the region, which should be carried out from 2019 to 2031. In total, however, the Council of Mayors have 47 infrastructure projects in the pipeline until 2041 with estimated spending of almost $63 billion.

“Forty-seven major projects are prioritised in the SEQ People Mass Movement Study for delivery over the next 23 years,” Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk told the press. “This total investment rate achieves the vision of 45-minute regional connectivity and 30-minute smart cities,” he added.

Queensland is expected to grow its population by 30 per cent in 2031, the study further cited. Thus, the region must prepare to support transport demands to maintain its global competitiveness and sustainability, as well as provide a high-quality way of life for its residents.