99-year-old Albany Creek Retiree Smashed Two World Records in Four Days

George Corones, a retiree from Albany Creek, smashed not one, but two, world records in one week, in the days leading up to the Commonwealth Games trials.

The 99-year-old swimmer, who will turn 100 in April, broke his first record for the 50m freestyle in 56.12 seconds at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on Wednesday. On Saturday, he broke another record for his age group of 100 to 104, swimming across 100m in two-and-a-half minutes.

Credit: Australian Dolphins Swim Team

Mr Corones had also made a record at the Albany Creek Master’s Swimming’s Short Course Meet in January, swimming the whole course in 57.11 seconds. This record would have beaten a previous short course world record time but the pool at Albany Creek has no automatic timing equipment which is a requirement before a world record could be declared. Had it not been for that technicality, he could have been on record for smashing a total of three world records.

Speaking in different media interviews, Mr Corones said that he was equally amazed by how people were overwhelmed by his achievement and how his story became global. His story has been making headlines across local and international news publications, including BBC, who has run a story about him.

Credit: Australian Dolphins Swim Team Facebook

His fellow Aussies were the very first to celebrate his victory.

“We have just witnessed history in the making! 100 year old George Corones just broke the world record in the 50m Freestyle,” the Australian Dolphins Swim Team said via their Facebook Page.

The team had also recorded his second triumph via a Facebook Live video. “He’s done it again! George Corones has destroyed the current 100m Freestyle, 100 – 104 age group, World Record by almost a minute! We couldn’t be more proud.”

Credit: Australian Dolphins Swim Team

Mr Corones shared that he was a swimmer back in his youth and had only stopped when World War Two began. He subsequently went back to swimming at the age of 80 and the rest, as they say, is history.

His son, Harry Corones, said that the world record breaker lives independently in his own home in Albany Creek. He goes to the gym three days a week. He even drives himself alone around the neighbourhood.

Amidst all the attention he is getting now, Mr Corones said that it was the admiration of little children that matters to him the most.