Development Proposal to Establish Anaconda Adventure HQ at Brendale Lodged

A development proposal has been lodged seeking to establish an Anaconda Adventure HQ, showrooms, indoor sports and recreation facility and outdoor play areas on South Pine Road, Brendale.

The Buchan Group-designed development comprises two buildings on an 84,190sqm site located at 383-385 South Pine Road in Brendale. The single-storey Building 1 will house the 8,500sqm showroom to be called “Anaconda Adventure HQ” that will offer customers sporting and outdoor adventure products along with outdoor display and “product trial” areas. 

Proposed site
Proposed site | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council /

 Site plan
Site plan | Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council /

“Given the location of the site at a gateway to Brendale, the development adopts an innovative architectural and approach to urban design for a development of this type. Notably, the development includes an exciting façade treatments to South Pine Road and Old North Road and the provision of significant shade areas at the main building frontage, inclusive of outdoor recreational and sale areas.”

Anaconda Adventure HQ
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council /
Anaconda Adventure HQ
Photo Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council /

The building will be enhanced with an artificial lake, a landscaped park, an MTB /ATV Track and bike/scooter track, and an outdoor boat display area. The application also proposes an 85sqm retail space situated next to the Anaconda Adventure HQ and lake area.

To be situated west of the subject site is the proposed two-storey Building 2 with a total GFA of 10,950sqm. The building will contain five showrooms located on the ground level with a combined GFA of 8,650sqm. There will also be indoor sport and recreation tenancies on the 5,300sqm level 1. Building 2 will be integrated with the car parking area via pedestrian crossings. 

There will be a total of 533 car parking spaces including 12 PWD spaces along with 28 biking spaces. Vehicle access will be provided via Old North Road and South Pine Road.