Construction Now Underway At Albany Creek Intersections

Construction is now underway to improve safety at three Albany Creek intersections located on Albany Forest Drive, Folkstone Avenue, and Janice Street.

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Aside from improving safety at these intersections, the improvements could increase capacity, and traffic flow in the area. It can also reduce peak-hour congestion and interchange queuing, the Department of Transport and Main Roads announced.

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Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the upgrades would reduce the risk of crashes, particularly for drivers turning right from Old Northern Road into Albany Forest Drive.

To provide for additional vehicles queuing to turn into Albany Forest Drive, the southbound right-turn lane past Folkstone Avenue will be extended. Existing traffic signals will also be modified, by adding green arrows to regulate right-turns.

Meanwhile, there will be new traffic signals, signalised pedestrian crossing, and extended northbound right-turn lane on Janice St to cater for additional vehicles queuing to turn.

The new traffic signals at the Janice St intersection will provide a safe U-turn to Folkstone Avenue and reduce the risk of accidents by controlling right turns.

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“These changes will reduce the risk for motorists trying to judge safe gaps in traffic on Old Northern Road to access these side streets,” Mr Bailey said. He added that traffic lights will be programmed to better manage peak traffic periods in the area.

These local safety upgrades are part of the State Government’s $2.75 billion investment in roads and transport projects helping to support Queensland’s Covid-19 economic recovery.

Works are expected to be completed by early 2022, weather and construction conditions permitting. Transport and Main Roads will provide updates to the community before major works start and assured to minimise disruptions as much as possible.