Albany Creek Village Awaits New Ownership

Following a recent refurbishment, Albany Creek Village is on the verge of changing hands in a remarkable development for the local community. This significant event comes when the retail sector is increasingly seen as a beacon for investors, highlighting the centre’s role as a shopping destination and a cornerstone of Albany Creek’s commercial landscape.

Overview of the Sale

Growthpoint Properties Australia has initiated the sale of the Albany Creek shopping centre, indicating a strategic move in the wake of the retail sector’s rising appeal as an investment sanctuary. The sale process, spearheaded by experts from CBRE and JLL, began in late March 2024 through an Expression of Interest Campaign, signifying a new chapter for this key retail asset.

Strategically situated 15km north of Brisbane at 700 Albany Creek Road, the shopping centre boasts a prime position. Anchored by a high-performing Coles, the centre has benefited from a significant $7 million refurbishment, enhancing its appeal with modernised facilities including an upgraded Click & Collect service. This positions the centre as a neighbourhood hub and a focal point of retail excellence.

Albany Creek Shopping Centre Albany Creek Village

Tenancy Profile and Investment Opportunity

The centre’s national tenancy profile, including leading brands such as Coles, Liquorland, Priceline, Australia Post, and Commonwealth Bank, is 61% of the total Gross Lettable Area (GLA), underscoring its robust investment potential. Due to its recent enhancements and strategic location, industry experts see Albany Creek Village as an outstanding acquisition prospect.

Amidst a backdrop of escalating construction costs and supply constraints, the site emerges as a prime investment opportunity, offering substantial growth potential. CBRE Research anticipates a significant increase in investment volumes over the next few years, with Albany Creek Village well-positioned to capitalise on this trend. 

The centre’s comprehensive refurbishment and income generation prospects offer a compelling proposition for investors, amidst a climate of market volatility and growth in retail investment.

Published 26-March-2024

Albany Creek Unites for World’s Greatest Shave Against Blood Cancer

The Albany Creek community is at the forefront of an effort to provide vital support for and raise awareness for individuals battling blood cancer by participating in the annual World’s Greatest Shave event. 

Now in its 26th year, this initiative has become a cornerstone of community activism, drawing participation from residents, local businesses, and community organizations alike.

With blood cancer treatment costs significantly higher than those for other cancers, the importance of initiatives like the World’s Greatest Shave cannot be overstated. The event, organised by the Leukaemia Foundation, aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by individuals and families affected by blood cancer, while also shining a spotlight on the disease and the need for continued research and support services.

At the heart of Albany Creek’s involvement in the World’s Greatest Shave is the Albany Creek Tavern. This beloved community establishment has long served as a gathering place for residents. 

Each year, the tavern opens its doors to host the shaving, cutting, and colouring of hair, transforming into a hub of activity and solidarity.  The event will also feature live music, food stalls, and raffles, further reinforcing the camaraderie and unity that defines Albany Creek’s response to the challenge of blood cancer. From seasoned volunteers to first-time participants, individuals of all ages come together to show their support for those battling this disease.

The roots of Albany Creek’s commitment to the cause run deep, with the Albany Creek Leukaemia Foundation Branch playing a central role in organising and promoting the event. 

Founded in 2001 by Kaye and Glen Fox, who tragically lost their daughter to leukaemia 26 years ago, the branch has been instrumental in fostering community engagement and raising awareness about the impact of blood cancer.

World’s Greatest Shave event is scheduled for Friday, 15 March 2024 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Albany Creek Dad, Too Big to Sit in Planes, Overcomes Weight Struggles

A remarkable transformation has taken place in the life of Terry Munro, an IT consultant and devoted father from Albany Creek. 

For years, Mr Mundro grappled with a daunting weight of over 185kgs, enduring various health issues that hindered his ability to engage in everyday activities with his two children. However, a profound change in his life has seen him shed a staggering 100kgs over the course of two years, granting him the opportunity to reclaim cherished moments with his family.

Mr Munro, 57, has emerged from the shadows of his burdensome weight to “live life to the fullest.” For the first time in years, he experienced the thrill of riding a rollercoaster with his now 15 and 20-year-old sons. 

His inability to comfortably travel with his family due to his size had been a constant source of discomfort, causing him to avoid photographs and struggle with self-consciousness.

A Weighty Challenge

Five years ago, he realized his unhealthy habits were slowly killing him. Frequenting fast-food chains like KFC and Hungry Jacks, Mr Munro decided it was time for a drastic change. 

His path led him to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, a 12-week online program that offers science-backed solutions for sustainable weight loss.

Although daunting initially, Mr Munro became “laser-focused” on his goal of losing weight. Over the past three-and-a-half years, he has maintained a healthy weight of 85.5kgs by dedicating an hour each day to walking and preparing balanced, vegetable-rich home-cooked meals.

Albany Creek Dad Terry Munro
Photo Credit: Health Journey

The Albany Creek dad’s transformation not only benefited his physical health but also allowed him to actively engage with his children. He expresses gratitude for their unwavering support, stating that he has “reclaimed [his] life” and can now partake in activities that were previously out of reach.

Commitment to Health and Wellness

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, reveals a concerning statistic that two-thirds of the population are considered overweight or obese. The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, with its evidence-based and sustainable weight loss solutions, has positively impacted over 1.2 million Australians in the past decade, emphasizing the importance of addressing obesity-related challenges.

Walking outdoors has emerged as the most common form of exercise among program members, collectively amassing over twenty-two million minutes of activity in the past ten years.

Professor Brett Sutton, Director of Health and Biosecurity at CSIRO, underscores the program’s significance in tackling the obesity epidemic and promoting community well-being. He states that CSIRO remains committed to reversing high obesity rates in Australia within the next decade, aligning with the National Obesity Strategy’s goals.

Published 10-Jan-2024

A New Era of Interschool Sports: Bray Park SHS Leads the Way

Bray Park State High School is ushering in a new chapter of interschool sports with the launch of a groundbreaking competition slated for 2024. This initiative will involve six local high schools, including Bray Park, Albany Creek, Ferny Grove, Pine Rivers, Mitchelton, and Everton Park. 

The competition, to be held at Brendale, promises weekly opportunities for students to engage in healthy competition and foster friendships across different schools​​. Additional details about this event will be unveiled at a later date.

Bray Park SHS: A Hub of Sporting Excellence

Amidst this exciting development, Bray Park SHS remains committed to its robust sports program, under the guidance of Principal Peter Turner. The school provides a spectrum of sports activities, ranging from competitive teams to fitness sessions, all aimed at accommodating every student’s interest.

Bray Park SHS
Photo Credit: BrayParkSHS/Facebook

At the core of Bray Park’s sports agenda is the Future Athlete Specialist Training program. This program offers a balanced approach to academic and sporting aspirations, helping students manage the pressures of both. It incorporates high-performance coaching, best practice training programs, and structured support systems, based on the Long Term Athlete Development framework. This ensures comprehensive development for sport participants of all ages and abilities​​​​.

Inclusive Sports Environment

In line with its inclusive approach, Bray Park SHS offers the Blue Edge program for students less confident in specific sports but eager to explore various activities. Led by School-Based Police Liaison Officer Rohin Power and sponsored by the Blue Light Association, the program blends fitness sessions with social activities, emphasizing overall well-being.

Bray Park SHS
Photo Credit: BrayParkSHS/Facebook

The school’s sports program also thrives on the sense of community it builds. Teachers and coaches, including the likes of Emily Baldry of the Queensland Pirates volleyball team, are deeply invested in the students’ growth, not just as athletes but as individuals. Their dedication goes beyond the field, shaping the students’ discipline, resilience, and social skills.

Facilities and Future Prospects

To support these extensive programs, Bray Park SHS has equipped itself with a new 12-seater bus, funded by grants from Ausbuild and the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund. This strategic move will facilitate the participation of students in various sporting events and competitions.

With the launch of the new interschool sports competition in 2024, Bray Park SHS is setting a precedent for sports excellence in education. Their commitment to fostering athletic skills, building community, and nurturing future talents positions them as a leader in school-based sports programs.

Published 14-Dec-2023

Riverfront Estate in Albany Creek to Welcome First Occupants in Finished Stage One

The first residents will soon be calling the eco-friendly gated community of Riverfront Estate home as they move into the 39 newly finished townhouses in the first stage of the development located in Albany Creek.

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Riverfront Estate offers two-storey homes near 18 acres of private creekfront land, creating a peaceful place for families. Another 41 deluxe houses are coming in stage two, each with open living areas and terraces for natural light, double garages, designer kitchens and landscaped yards.

Residents also get amenities like a 20-metre pool, fire pits, sports areas, walking trails and more. The development runs on renewable power, has spots to charge electric vehicles and planted over 26,000 native trees to help local nature and air quality.

Riverfront by Lucindale (Photo credit:

According to Lucindale Holdings managing director Marcel Russ, they have integrated innovative sustainable design principles throughout the project to make positive, productive, and sustainable contributions to both their residents and the local community.

Photo credit:

Mr Russ added that this focus has been recognised by the respected sustainable tourism company EarthCheck based on sustainable initiatives in each home that equate to quantifiable emissions savings. He also said Riverfront’s design excellence has been rewarded with a Special Mention in the Architizer A+ Awards, the world’s largest global awards platform for architecture.

Furthermore, the managing director stated that this combination of great design and industry-leading sustainability has been a big drawcard for buyers, who have also been surprised at the affordability of purchasing a home at Riverfront.

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Around 20 percent of the next batch have sold already. People can visit the new display suite and furnished homes at 13 Stewart Road, Albany Creek, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday to explore the townhouses. 

Published 20-November-2023

The Dickson Community Men’s Shed Seeking Permanent Home

The Dickson Community Men’s Shed is seeking a permanent home to support the mental health and well-being of local men around the Dickson catchment between Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

The movement, established after the lockdown periods, has become a vital source of companionship and purpose for hundreds of men, as they grapple with the challenges of social isolation. This group encourages men to gather, volunteer, teach, learn, and seek fellowship with like-minded individuals.

Dickson encompasses suburbs like Albany Creek, Arana Hills, Bray Park, Brendale, Cashmere, Dayboro, Eatons Hill, Everton Hills, Ferny Hills, Joyner, Kallangur, Lawnton, Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo, Petrie, Samford Valley, Strathpine and Warner. 

Challenges in Finding a Permanent Location

Unfortunately, the group is currently facing a considerable challenge in securing a permanent home to operate from. Doug Gaw and Paul Holstein approached the local council over a year ago to claim a piece of land for the community group, but they have yet to receive approval.

For now, the members meet twice a month at the Four Mile Creek Hotel, and they have recently secured a timeslot at the Albany Creek Community Centre in October. These gatherings have provided a sense of community and camaraderie, but they are eager for a permanent space.

Four Mile Creek Hotel
Photo Credit: Four Mile Creek Hotel/Facebook

Since its founding, the men’s shed has already attracted 24 members, and it has seen a recent increase in expressions of interest from the local community. With Brendale, Albany Creek, Eatons Hill, and Strathpine all within their catchment area, the potential for membership growth is substantial, considering the region’s rapid population increase.

Once they secure a permanent home, the men plan to offer a wide range of activities, including metalwork and woodwork, cooking classes, arts and crafts classes, and hosting guest speakers. These activities will not only enrich the lives of its members but also contribute positively to the local community.

Get Involved

For those interested in learning more about The Dickson Community Men’s Shed or wishing to support this community initiative, you can contact Secretary Des Leonard at

Published 27-Oct-2023

AI Drone Mapping Revolutionises Conservation Efforts for Koalas in Albany Creek

Artificial intelligence and drone technology are now being used to identify and protect vital koala corridors, as part of a groundbreaking conservation effort by leading environmental organisations, centred on Albany Creek and surrounding areas in Moreton Bay.

The Koala Corridors, hailed as the solution to these challenges, serve as pathways connecting isolated koala populations. These corridors facilitate movement, feeding, breeding, and genetic diversity, all critical for the long-term survival of the species.

Known for their tree-dwelling nature and reliance on eucalyptus trees for food and shelter, Austalia’s most iconic marsupials have faced increasing challenges as urbanisation and deforestation have encroached upon their habitats. Fragmented populations and a reduction in genetic diversity have put koalas at significant risk.

Koala AI drone mapping Albany Creek
Photo Credit: Photoholgic/Unsplash

According to Bhavik Patel of Greenfrog Sec, the AI and drone project aims to identify and protect vital Koala Corridors to mitigate the threats posed by habitat loss, disease, and other environmental factors.

The innovative approach lies in the integration of artificial intelligence and drone mapping technology. AI-driven drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors capture detailed aerial imagery, which is then processed by advanced algorithms to create highly accurate maps and models of the environment. 

The process involves data collection through drones, AI analysis to identify vegetation types suitable for koala habitat, and mapping that highlights areas requiring protection and restoration efforts. 

Once identified, these Koala Corridors are prioritised for protection measures, including physical barriers to prevent Koalas from entering dangerous areas like roads. Corridors that have been degraded can be rejuvenated with the help of AI drone mapping.

A key aspect of this project is community involvement. The detailed and accurate maps created by AI drone mapping are shared with the public, increasing awareness and mobilising support. Local communities, government agencies, conservation organisations, and landowners all play a crucial role in the success of this conservation effort. 


Published 17-Oct-2023

Albany Creek Lions Club Announce that the Lions Hearing Dog Program Now Includes Support Dogs for Diabetes Sufferers

The Lions Hearing Dog Program, one of the programs of the Lions Club of Albany Creek and other Lions Clubs across the country, is now also training medical dogs to assist people with diabetes. This is in addition to training dogs that assist the hearing impaired.

The Lions Hearing Dog Program trains and sends dogs to hearing impaired recipients across different cities and towns in Australia, including right here in Albany Creek.

With the expansion of the program scope to cover support dogs for diabetes sufferers, these life-changing dogs are now making a greater difference to those who need them nationwide.

The Albany Creek Lions Club meets twice monthly for club events and initiatives: the first Wednesday of the month at the Albany Creek Library, and the third Wednesday at the Hornets Football Club. 

If you or someone you know could benefit from receiving an assistance dog, please contact the Albany Creek Lions Club. They will see what can be done to help.

About Lions Australia

The Albany Creek Lions Club is part of the larger network of Lions Clubs in Australia. Lions Australia supports communities nationwide through diverse service projects and initiatives. Their main areas of focus include youth empowerment, health, humanitarian efforts, the environment, and fostering innovation.

Assistance dogs represent just one way the Albany Creek Lions Club aims to help people in the local community and make a positive difference in their lives. Access their Facebook page to learn more.

For Lions Australia, insight leads to action. Their mission is bringing service to life through practical and informed projects that create visible, measurable change.

For more information about Lions Australia, visit their website here.

Published 5 September 2023

Ben Dack of Albany Creek Nominated for QLD Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

Ben Dack, an Albany Creek local, recently earned a nomination for the Queensland Youth Volunteer of the Year Award through Volunteering Queensland. To highlight Australia’s celebration of National Volunteer Week, here’s his heartwarming and inspiring story as a dedicated volunteer at the Albany Creek ORCA Project.

Despite living with Williams Syndrome, a genetic condition, Ben has overcome personal challenges and turned them into an opportunity to make a positive impact on others’ lives. Ben’s inspiring journey began at the age of 13 when he started volunteering in his local community at his neighbourhood church.

In 2021, Ben approached Alison Cox, the program founder of The ORCA Project under Wesley Mission QLD, as he sought an opportunity to volunteer in Albany Creek.

Wesley Mission QLD played a crucial role in creating The ORCA Project, which has provided countless individuals with disabilities, including Ben, with opportunities they may not have found elsewhere. The inclusive and supportive environment of Wesley Mission QLD has allowed Ben to feel safe and respected, leading him to become an ardent advocate for the organization’s values.

Ben’s passion for helping others, combined with his positive experience with The ORCA Project as a trainee, made him an invaluable addition to the team.

“Volunteering impacts my life every day. It gives me a sense of purpose, and I feel proud to be a volunteer. It gives me confidence and makes me happy,” Ben said, reflecting on the transformative power of his volunteer work.

National Volunteer Week Ben Dack
Photo Credit: Supplied

When asked about advice for individuals with disabilities who may be hesitant to engage in volunteer work, Ben encouraged them to take the leap. He advised finding a supportive and inclusive organization like Wesley Mission QLD. With its diverse range of programs, such as Aged Care, Hummingbird House, Emergency Relief, Art from the Margins, Community Respite, and Headspace, individuals with disabilities can discover meaningful ways to contribute to their communities and lead more fulfilling lives.

“Volunteering helps to open up life. It is more than just an opportunity to ‘give back.’ We have had volunteers who will tell us that volunteering has literally changed their life. That sense of purpose is a gift in itself,” said Ms Cox.

Wesley Mission QLD constantly seeks volunteers to support its various programs. The ORCA Project, for instance, relies on volunteers to facilitate work skills training for its participants. Opportunities can range from onsite training workshops to supporting individuals during work experience placements. 

“Our volunteers regularly tell us how much they love being part of the team here. Volunteering with us has changed their lives for the better,” said Lynne Dack, Ben’s mother, who works for Wesley Mission QLD. 

To explore volunteering opportunities at Wesley Mission QLD, interested individuals can visit their website at

Published 22-May-2023

Albany Creek World’s Greatest Shave: A Community Effort for a Good Cause

The annual Albany Creek World’s Greatest Shave event has been a testament to the spirit of a community coming together to support a worthy cause. The event, launched in 2001, has become a tradition, bringing together groups to raise money and awareness for blood cancer research and patient support services. 

This year’s event marked the 25th anniversary of the fundraiser and was a resounding success, with over $7,000 raised.

Held at the Albany Creek Tavern, 10 people braved the clippers to sport new bald heads, and seven individuals coloured their hair to support the cause. 

The fundraiser brought in $7,216 for the evening, led by community members like Chris Gilding, Eileen Schofield, Jonah Robinson, Lois Shinners, Pete O’Donoghue, and Arren Heeley. In addition to raising money, the event was also a night of entertainment, laughter, and camaraderie.

The occasion provided the community with a chance to honour those who lost their fight against blood cancer.

The evening served as a time to remember Shae Kennedy, a regular at Albany Creek Tavern, and his 25 years of contributions to the World’s Greatest Shave. Shae passed away recently.

The Albany Creek Leukaemia Branch hosted the event with the support of community groups such as Apex, Lions Club, Leukaemia Foundation Branch, local hairdressers like Arren and Jane from Hairologists and Rachael from Albany Creek Hair Directions, and retailers. Their support and contributions helped make the event a resounding success.

Published 4-April-2023