Coles Gets a Makeover as Part of Albany Creek Village Updates

Did you know that Coles Albany Creek Village will be undergoing a $7-million refurbishment that will elevate it among the ranks of the best Coles supermarkets in Australia?

To achieve this, Coles will reorganise the store’s layout to improve and simplify customer shopping experience.

Some areas of the store may be temporarily closed off throughout the transition while the committed construction staff toils persistently, even at night. They aim to prevent too much interruption so Coles can continue providing services to customers.

Customers can anticipate discovering interesting new features and upgrades once the renovation is finished. A new self-serve checkout system with a conveyor belt, an improved deli section with a range of delectable alternatives, a cutting-edge bakery, and a new service desk for greater customer support are among the highlights of the planned makeover.

There’s more! Coles is also introducing dedicated stations where customers can perform tasks such as squeezing their own oranges to get the freshest juice possible. There will also be a “scoop and weigh” bar that will allow customers to select and weigh their purchases.


Making Albany Creek Village Coles look great is just one aspect of the renovation. Overall, the updates aim to enhance customers’ general purchasing experience in order to provide superior convenience and service.

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Published 30-June-2023