Free Live Music Event Coming To Albany Creek This October

A free community event for the youth featuring a day of music, skateboarding, and art with musical performances from several Brisbane bands has been scheduled this October 2021.

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Everyone is welcome to attend the event, which will be held on Sunday 9 October 2021 from 12:00 p.m. onwards at the Albany Creek Skate Park.

A partnership between Brisbane Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) and the SCHEMA Collective, the event aims to increase engagement from young people, particularly among at-risk youth, through activities in music, sport, art, and philanthropy as a way to minimise alcohol and other drug harms in the community.

Speaking from personal experience, SCHEMA Collective President Stoyan Stoyanov said he  knows how powerful participating in structured leisure activities and feeling connected to a community can be at protecting young people from the harms of alcohol and other drug use, saving lives along the way. 

“Music and skateboarding got me through a very difficult time in my life and experiencing this first-hand showed me how being exposed to engagement opportunities like creative hobbies, physical activities and giving back to the community can reduce the likelihood or severity of alcohol and other drugs harms,” says Stoyanov.

The free community event will include musical performances by Tailor Made Rejects, 3 Hour Flight, Zuko, and Loose Cannon, skateboarding demos and ‘Design Your Own Deck’ in the dedicated art tent.

As well as live music, past events have included skateboard and scooter competitions and promotion of volunteering opportunities in partnership with not-for-profit organisations like Sea Shepherd and Clean Up Australia.  

A representative from Kids Helpline is always present at SCHEMA Collective events, as the LDAT aims to normalise and destigmatise help-seeking and openness about mental health amongst young people. 

LDATs work with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation in supporting grassroots organisations to build or extend partnerships in their own communities and develop a Community Action Plan of evidence-informed activities to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs at a local level. 

SCHEMA Collective partners with Kids Helpline, the Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative, Brisbane City Council, Sea Shepherd, Animal Liberation QLD and the YMCA.

For everyone’s safety, attendees are required to bring a mask, scan the QR code on arrival, and practice social distancing.

Albany Creek Skate Park New Design Needs Your Feedback

The Albany Creek skate park on Old Northern Road, along with the skate parks in Morayfield and Deception Bay, are getting a major redesign.

In line with this development, Moreton Bay Council has opened a feedback page where residents could share their inputs before work on these outdoor community facilities could proceed. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said that $3.8 million has been set aside for this project under the Council’s Park and Sporting Facilities. He hopes that many skaters, BMX riders and scooters will share their ideas and comments about the designs since they will be using and enjoying the facilities the most. 

Albany Creek Skate Park
Photo Credit: Brennan Gergory Hatton/Google Maps

Mr Flannery said that the range of designs for all three parks was based on 400 survey responses Council received during the initial consultation process in 2020.

The community told Council that they want a family-friendly skate park, with “adequate lighting and shade” and challenging obstacles for the skaters, scooters and riders to improve their skills. 

The mayor also said that skate parks in North Lakes, Caboolture, Bray Park and Redcliffe will be up for consultation as well whilst these initial projects are underway. 

The Council will need your say about the Albany Creek skate park design until Friday, 26 Feb 2021.