Strong Albany Creek Property Market Had 27% Median House Price Growth in 2021

The Albany Creek property market showed a robust 2021 performance, posting a 27 per cent median house price growth as many young families establish their dream homes in what was once considered a retirement suburb.

Albany Creek House Price Growth

From January to December 2021, Albany Creek experienced exceptional growth of 26.71 per cent, putting the median house price at $810,000 from just $639,250 in 2020, according to data from Property Market Updates.

Albany Creek House Price Growth
Photo Credit:  Property Market Updates

Investors are taking interest in this section of Moreton Bay because of its affordability. Buying activity has been quite busy with 279 houses sold for this period at just an average of 15 days on the market.

Most buyers eyed good-sized three-bedroom homes, which offer a lot of space featured with a backyard and a pool for growing families. The area is also located near good schools. It’s also an easy commute to the city for the workers. 

Albany Creek Unit Price Growth

Whilst slower than the housing market, Albany Creek’s unit market has remained steady and stable for January to December 2021. The unit market grew by 3.84 per cent with a median unit price of $514,000. 

Albany Creek Unit Price Growth
Photo Credit:  Property Market Updates

There were 54 units sold for this period within an average of 25 days of the market listing. Apartments are mostly eyed by downsizers and couples without children, which comprises about a third of the population. However, Albany Creek offers about five to seven per cent of units or semi-detached homes near the suburban centre as most properties are separate houses.

About Albany Creek 

Found 30 minutes to the north of Brisbane CBD, Albany Creek is a quiet suburb that appeals to professionals with kids and older couples. With a population of less than 16,000, this suburb was mostly a rural town until its development in the 1960s, when dozens of schools opened to attract more families. The choices of schools have remained the most important factor in moving to Albany Creek. Still, about five per cent of the area is dedicated to rural residential living.

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Albany Creek locals need not venture far for essentials because they have Albany Creek Square, which has a good number of retail stores catering to their needs. The suburb also boasts a lot of green spaces for outdoor and sporting activities.

“Albany Creek is very family-friendly and a nicely established suburb. Places like Warner and Cashmere and Eatons Hill are also good but without the library, swimming pool and general shops and facilities that Albany Creek has. Fairly low key feel to it and well established with lots of trees and greenery around the residential housing areas.” 


“We relocated a family to Albany Creek last year and for a suburb close to the city i was pleasantly surprised. The access to the city is great for private or public transport, people seemed friendly and the houses were majority brick built and lovely.”


Albany Creek Property Growth Driven By Investors Looking For Affordability and Space

Young interstate families are finding their dream homes in Albany Creek, charging up another property boom in this south Moreton Bay area. Due to its affordability and space, the former “retirement” suburb has been attracting professionals who were once tied to work in the inner-cities but now see the benefits of acreage properties. 

House Price Growth

Property growth in Albany Creek between July 2020 to June 2021 continued its stable upward trend by 10.35 per cent, putting the house median price at $685,000, per data from Property Market Updates.

Buyer activity was definitely competitive and energetic in the 12-month period with 258 houses sold within an astonishing 24 days on the market. Most of the houses sold were four-bedroom homes but the fastest sales to close in less than 10 to 18 days of negotiations, have been three-bedroom properties.

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

A six-bedroom private haven on Havenwood Court, which has its own secured oasis surrounded by bushlands, sold at the highest price for the period. With a breezy indoor to outdoor layout, this house has a large family lounge that offers ample space for entertaining and relaxation. 

Unit Price Growth

While house price growth has been strong, Apartment property sales in Albany Creek had minimal growth at 2.94 per cent in the period ending June 2021. 

Photo Credit: Property Market Updates

Sales remained stable, with 59 units sold during this time period, with inventory staying on market for 45 days. Most four-bedroom units remained listed for 261 days, indicating an oversupply.

About Albany Creek

Established on a hilly section near the South Pine River, Albany Creek is a quiet, family-friendly northern suburb some 17 kilometres off Brisbane CBD. Home to many professionals who work in the city, nearly half of the residents fully own their three to four-bedroom homes to raise a family. Most houses have their own pools and are situated in a cul-de-sac block.

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A former rural area, Albany Creek’s development as a suburban town began in the 1960s primarily featuring brick homes, when the metropolis expanded to open more schools in the north, such as the Albany Hills State School, the Albany Creek State High School, and the All Saints Primary School. Though the closes train to the city is a few kilometres drive to the neighbouring suburb of Strathpine, there are plenty of buses servicing commuters regularly that takes residents to shopping centres in Chermside or Aspley. 

For leisure and recreation, this town has the Albany Creek Leisure Centre hosting various sports clubs and community activities. Families enjoy plenty of green spaces at the Tom Simpson Park and the Jaracanda Park. Tight-knit community engagements are high in this peaceful suburban locale and there are limited high-rise developments. 

“We’ve lived here for 15 years now and absolutely love it, It’s superb for kids of all ages, great state school and 3 excellent primary schools. Virtually no crime at all, we thoroughly enjoy life here.”


“Having lived in the Albany Creek area for 16 years and had our children grow up in the area we would find it hard to move to anywhere else. There are all the local type shops that are necessary but not the impersonal hype of the city or other central locales. Being anywhere in 10 minutes is a great bonus, as you can go to larger shopping centers and then leave the hustle and bustle behind. Our street is filled with caring neighbors in a wide range of ages, which is great for family living. We have a total of 5 primary schools within 2 minutes of us, both private and public and the High school is 1 minute away.”


“Quiet, clean suburb with leafy streets and lovely locals. We hunted around the whole of Brisbane looking for a place to settle and came across Albany Creek on the off chance. The suburb gives you that Quiet, Safe and Clean feel for your family to live happily.”