AI Drone Mapping Revolutionises Conservation Efforts for Koalas in Albany Creek

Artificial intelligence and drone technology are now being used to identify and protect vital koala corridors, as part of a groundbreaking conservation effort by leading environmental organisations, centred on Albany Creek and surrounding areas in Moreton Bay.

The Koala Corridors, hailed as the solution to these challenges, serve as pathways connecting isolated koala populations. These corridors facilitate movement, feeding, breeding, and genetic diversity, all critical for the long-term survival of the species.

Known for their tree-dwelling nature and reliance on eucalyptus trees for food and shelter, Austalia’s most iconic marsupials have faced increasing challenges as urbanisation and deforestation have encroached upon their habitats. Fragmented populations and a reduction in genetic diversity have put koalas at significant risk.

Koala AI drone mapping Albany Creek
Photo Credit: Photoholgic/Unsplash

According to Bhavik Patel of Greenfrog Sec, the AI and drone project aims to identify and protect vital Koala Corridors to mitigate the threats posed by habitat loss, disease, and other environmental factors.

The innovative approach lies in the integration of artificial intelligence and drone mapping technology. AI-driven drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors capture detailed aerial imagery, which is then processed by advanced algorithms to create highly accurate maps and models of the environment. 

The process involves data collection through drones, AI analysis to identify vegetation types suitable for koala habitat, and mapping that highlights areas requiring protection and restoration efforts. 

Once identified, these Koala Corridors are prioritised for protection measures, including physical barriers to prevent Koalas from entering dangerous areas like roads. Corridors that have been degraded can be rejuvenated with the help of AI drone mapping.

A key aspect of this project is community involvement. The detailed and accurate maps created by AI drone mapping are shared with the public, increasing awareness and mobilising support. Local communities, government agencies, conservation organisations, and landowners all play a crucial role in the success of this conservation effort. 


Published 17-Oct-2023